After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Orthodox Church and Roman Catholics to meet in Cuba

Shared by Protodeacon Basil Yakimov in Australia

Heads of Russian Orthodox Church and Roman Catholics to meet in Cuba - tragic meeting that will bring ECUMENISM to the Russian land!!!

Regards Victor
It is very easy with just a few links to demonstrate that there is NO TRUE ORTHODOX INTENTION of Kyrill of Moscow in meeting with the Pope in Cuba on the 12 of feb 2016, which will place just a few days from now.
There are those amongst us that are blind to this most obvious fact. Pls see the 3 LINKS below that demonstrate this most clearly
1st link - in which the Pope promotes love & unity amongst all  faiths. This is fully blown Dogmatic Syncretism (the heresy of interlife of different faiths).
2nd link - is the promotion of the same heretical love/deception by Kyrill of Moscow
& this, again Kyrill of  Moscow
What is clear is that - ecumenism historically has 3 main types,
1 Protestant centric Ecumenism, championed by the WCC - in which no church has the right to claim that, only it is the one true church, which is a denial of Apostolic Orthodoxy
2 Papal centric ecumenism - dialogue between the Orthodox & Papist - that states heretical Papists are a graceful sacrament bearing Apostolic church - which is a denial that the 'One' Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is Synonymous only with the Orthodox Church
3 The assembly of world religions - which professes the cult of belief in the One God of all religions and faith communities which are equal in their capacity to unite man with God -- which is denial of the God/man Christ as the only saviour of mankind.
When we see in the links above that both the Pope and Kyrill are equally implicated and confess this 3rd and most evil of all constructs. THEN WHAT SORT OF CHRISTIAN TRUTH IS WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE 12TH OF FEB IN THIS MOST UNFORTUNATE YEAR OF 2016 - LET THOSE POOR & IGNORANT SOULS WHO ENTERTAIN SUCH FOOLISHNESS HAVE EARS WITH WHICH TO HEAR - NO SUCH THING WILL TAKE PLACE.


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Joanna said...

There is a 4th type of ecumenism. The ecumenism that says the fragments are all equal grace-filled parts of the ROCOR.

Our ROCOR under Vladyka Agafangel is the sole valid continuation of the ROCOR. The fragments are in schism: RTOC, ROAC, ROCiE.

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