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Urgent Appeal Haiti School needs well repair

[haitianorthodoxmission] Urgent appeal

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Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 4:23 PM
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Blessings, and apologies for not being a better communicator.  I've just received word that the well which supplies water for St. Augustine's School and for the parish there) has stopped up... very possibly a delayed effect of the earthquake -- leaving some 350 school children with no source of water for drinking or hand-washing, nor for meal preparation, etc.

Unfortunately, the Mission's bank account is drained dry ($18 balance!); I was able only just barely to provide enough funds for required travel, lodging & food for the Paschal celebration., as well as for other routine expenses, in the transfer made early this week.

The well has been inspected, and the technician says it can be cleaned out and dug a few inches deeper (for a more reliable water supply) at a cost of about US $400.  It is likely the pump will also have to be replaced, so the total cost should be about $1000.

Since the work cannot be delayed, I'm going to borrow the money from the local (Annunciation) parish account, but it will need to be replaced.  Please help as much as you can!

Fr. Gregory+

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