After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Prayer for our Church

A Prayerful Appeal, My 'Open Letter': Let us all pray fervently for our under-assault Church, our Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

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Dan Everiss

Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 1:16 PM


 Our struggling church, our ROCA headed by Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel [ who is our sole canonical link with the old free, pre-2007 betrayal, ROCOR Synod of Bishops],  and our full Synod of Bishops, and with our North American diocesan bishop, Vladyka Archbishop Andronik, is now, at many local levels,  under an especial intensive attack, from outsiders – which we are used to, but also from within.

What are the true motives of all of these people?-each and every one?  Are some sincere, and do some  indeed have legitimate grievances or righteous complaints, etc, [I must answer, yes], BUT!  -genuine miss-communications and unfounded miss-information are truly at the center of much of this fruitless nonsense-  or are some others indeed being put-up to [being used as agents]  trying to deliberately destroy our church and scatter our faithful people?...to what good end? TO NO GOOD END!  [how the British expression says it so well: "Throwing  a cat amongst the pigeons".], or also, 'Divide and conquer!'....which ancient rule of action,  has well proven to be an effective tool of the communists in Moscow, and as we  already have the sad examples and hard evidence,  of such Moscow Kremlin KGB directed actions against our old ROCOR, in front of our eyes and memories.  So why not believe that the KGB and its tool, its MP, are not also behind this  current internal mischief- to use and inflame it more,  in our ROCA?...and that is regardless of some legitimate complaints inside of our church.

I personally see this.

Such is rather, the work of the Devil, SATAN.

If our ROCA flock is divided and destroyed, who will benefit?- the Devil-the destroyer of souls, and the communist founded, false-Russian Church, the MP
 and sold-out corrupt worldly-Orthodoxy, who are all well on the path to Hell Eternal in the current massive and worldwide End Times Apostasy.

At this sensitive moment, I dare not say more, except to proclaim, that our Orthodox Church is ruled and guided by its consecrated episcopate, not parish councils, or rebellious laity, who are  impiously and arrogantly disrespectful [even in their faces!] of our lawful bishops' authority, those who have the DIVINELY  given, authority of the Holy Apostles themselves. (Though yes, they are, each of them,  also human, and so they can and do make some mistakes-that is well known in all of church history).  However, without this proper Orthodox Church EPISCOPAL order, ORTHODOX LAW AND ORDER, we HAVE NO ORTHODOX CHURCH, but only lawless chaos and never ending schisms, and the total loss of God's Grace!...we loose the Holy Spirit.

Almighty God Knows!, what is in the hearts and souls of each and every person, what truly motivates, either good or evil intentions, in each person, and He will judge all.  Each will receive his just punishment from the Lord, or his just reward. GOD IS NOT FOOLED!...He sees our hearts! and He knows what we will think or say, or do, before we think it or do it, or say it on our lips.  We may fool other people, but never God.

Neither Christ nor His Apostles have ever blessed dissemblers and those who divide the flock. They are rather, Anathema, if they do not repent.

On this glorious Great Feast of Our Lord's Holy Ascension into Heaven, let us all also, ascend from impiety and lies, from our PRIDE, from our ignorance of the true facts, and from unchristian malicious slander, from hate-filled mutual accusations and from calumny, and from ill-will and from JUDGING each other, so that we too may dwell in Heaven with Our Risen Lord and with all of His saints, FOREVER!

May we ALL: forgive and repent and come to, with God's Grace and help, a peaceful CHRIST-CENTERED state of our minds and souls.

MAY CHRIST'S LOVE rule our hearts and minds and souls.  May we: "Seek peace and pursue it!"

As St. Seraphim of Sarov taught: "If we acquire the spirit of peace,  a thousand souls shall be saved around us!"

Old and Tired, and preparing for Eternity:  Rd. Daniel Everiss, in the forest, [at peace with God's sinless and innocent, forest creatures], truly a no-body, but one who loves our Church, and who is now grieving for all of these current useless malicious ...and mostly, ill-conceived and ill-founded and unOrthodox and impious divisions.


Troparion, Tone 4:
"Thou hast ascended in glory, O Christ our God, having gladdened Thy disciples with the promise of the Holy Spirit; and they were assured by the blessing that Thou art the Son of God, the Redeemer of the world".

Kontakion, Tone 6:
"When Thou didst fulfill Thy dispensation for our sake, uniting things on earth with the heavens, Thou didst ascend in glory, O Christ our God, departing not hence,  but remaining inseparable from us, and crying unto them that love Thee: I am with you, and no one shall be against you." 

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