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A Call to end this Open Letter business...


Another "Open Letter"

Author: a. Valery Leonichev incl. . Published in a newspaper column (Views: 80)
 Open letter on the closure of "open letters"

Lord, fathers and sisters! 
I call on you, and it's just a private heart, please, try to try not to practice the works of the notification of his private opinion of boiling perturbed mind, the views on church ROCA problems outlined in the genre of circular letters to all and sundry that in the church ROCA world are the prerogative of the bishops, or a set of special and blessed them censored writers in our church media information, and to cease publication of the so-called "open letters" bishops, Synod and other clergy in all the suitable, in your opinion about it.

Let's have a stroke, and the chain of command to send their bewilderment at first, and after personally to someone you do not understand why no-unpleasant. There is, finally, in the Church hierarchy, rules of etiquette and ethics of the church! Not too known "open letters" Romans, Corinthians, Titov and Timothy the apostle Paul ...)) (such a tradition in the Church as something did not work ...)

The church, all are - a monarchy rather than democracy Agora '!

Sometimes in the personal correspondence all doubts and questions are resolved quickly. And there is no need our personal claims to the metropolitan and bishops do areal and sometimes publicly dismantling before us quite knowledgeable people - it is indecent, methinks.

We know that for every action there exists opposition, and opposition often very painful (!) ...

For its irresistibly hot-vyryvayuschisya and comments on the problems of non-personal properties there is a place provided for the forum and for publications on "IP", and this seems to be enough. There is an opportunity for analytical articles, a bishop's blessing, and on the main IC belt.

Lord, I ask you, close your "Open Letter"! 
What a childish use of electronic civilization so recklessly destroying our tiny church.

Give our bishops' right to edit the word, "we each have a duty to the business and its (!) Places our church office

And what about our epistolary talented creativity? ... and will the publicly-ka-read your post, undoubtedly the most valuable for the history of mankind, the letter after your death! (Or wait ,,, its a bishop) And if the temptation is still pripretsya, because "it is impossible not to come," he then though, not us!

Take care of yourself!

and. Valery, take advantage of this genre, and forced to last ... 
P / C (published by EC, with the blessing of the ruling bishop. And what you all want))op

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