After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Fr. German 13th is a jurisdictional ecumenist

from Joanna's notepad
 editorial opinion on our current internal strife

In my opinion, Archdeacon German Ivanov-thirteenth is a jurisdictional ecumenist aiding a potential schism from ROCA.  In my opinion, proof that he is a jurisdictional ecumenist is in the open letter he just published in human English on rocana website (a website operated by the discontents), wherein he publicly criticizes his Metropolitan for not uniting with the R-fragments.

In my opinion it is very sad that the discontents have no problem getting their writings translated into good English, but the ROCA materials and Metropolitan Agafangel's responses can only be read through machine translations.

The url to the Rocana website is no longer listed in the sidebar of this blog.

Machine English
human English material of the discontents
After the extraordinary meeting of the Synod of Bishops in July 
A letter to Vladika Metropolitan Agafangel 
Dear Vladika Metropolit! 
All the old clergymen and parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, with whom I am acquainted, were absolutely stunned by the decisions of the last Synod... I myself am only now regaining my composure. Yesterday I received a letter from an old faithful clergyman: “I simply don’t know what to think. Worst of all – I think I just don’t want to think anymore. This is awful!” 
During the last few years, most of the “faithful ranks of the old Russian Orthodox Church Abroad” accepted all forms of limitations and difficulties, and fought, and continued to stand for the Church, regardless of the frequent very difficult and uncomfortable times, and regardless of the many obvious mistakes in church politics. They continued to provide their support despite the lack of an effort in striving towards the essential goal of unifying the “ROCOR remnants”. They patiently put up with all of these difficulties due to their love and strong attachment to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. They hoped that although their Church is now broken up into remnants, in the future the Church would be unified, and the various remnants could unify together around us, and those who had departed would return to the unified Church. Not everyone of course would unite, but those about whom I have constantly written to You, who for various reasons have separated themselves administratively from us, but who have not torn themselves away from being faithful to the spirit and the legacy of the Old ROCOR. 
During the last month, seeing the approaching storm, I wrote three very long letters to You relying on my life experience as a clergyman for almost 36 years, and on my close contact with many true pillars of the Orthodox Church. I wrote to try to find a true path, out of an extremely difficult tangled situation, and to avoid a disaster, or even a potential final destruction. I gave You the example of Holy St John of Shanghai in his wise words in “A Call to Church Peace” which for some unknown reason were published on Internet Sobor ten days before the Synod meeting. Earlier I gave you the example of Blessed Metropolitan Anthony, who was not embarrassed to get down onto his knees, to allow Metropolitan Evlogy to read the prayer of absolution over him, for the sake of peace, for the sake of the Church!!! That is how conflicts were resolved in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, conflicts which were no less serious than the current ones. Canons were not quoted endlessly, cold spiritless* canons were not quoted, canons which every objective and honest observer understands may be applied against either side. 
Unfortunately, the Synod did not pay any regard to these words, did not consider these wise examples, but chose to favour those who today set the tone in our Church, such as Father Nikandr, Leonichev, Vladika Afanasy, i.e. the new arrivals into the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, who arrived “with their baggage”. People who don’t have the Church experience and understanding, and who even slightly mock when they are told about the spirit of the Church Abroad...I pity Vladika Kirill, Vladika Nikon, Vladika George, who have sincerely joined the ROCA. I also of course pity You, dear Vladika Metropolit. I was always open, honest and sincere with You, just as deeply honest as in this letter. It is unfortunate that my sincerity and my desire to help both the Church and You were misunderstood. You took an important step in 2007, which remains in the memory of many people, and You can here without any real difficulties, repeat this step and enter into the history of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad as its saving helper, as the person who managed to unify the broken parts of the Church body in very difficult complicated circumstances. 
I have already written many times that yet another split in the Church may be impossible to bear, and may be the end of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Alas, the last Synod has taken that path... Probably yet another attempt will be made to continue the saving witness of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. If God wills, maybe this will provide the strength for all those who do not accept the MP. I do not know anything about this yet, but if this happens, given my life 
purpose, I will join this new possibility to continue the path of the Russian Diaspora and will be calling everyone to this cause. What the St Nicholas Parish will decide I cannot yet say. 
I very sincerely regret the situation which has arisen, and have not lost the hope that all of us will manage to again in the near future, unify on the basis of new but tried and reliable principles. 
Asking for Your prayers 
Protodeacon Herman Ivanov- Thirteenth 
*”Spiritless Canons”: in order to avoid misinterpretations I think it is necessary to say that for me, the Canons, being the workings of the Holy Spirit, are without a doubt holy. But also without a doubt, they become “spiritless” when they are being used not to ascertain the truth, but as a weapon to destroy one’s opponent. 
Translated into English from article posted on the ROCA Western Europe Diocese Website 

http://www.karlovtchanin.eu/index.php/istoriaeparkii/796-posle-iyulskogo-vneocherednogo- svnoda-protodiakon-german-ivanov-trinadtsatyj 

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