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Haiti Mission Appeal Library for St. Augustine's School

Haiti Mission Appeal

Library for St. Augustine's School
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Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 4:38 PM
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[Attachment(s) from Fr. Gregory included below] Blessings!  Thanks be to God, the well problem was resolved.  Next project... a much-needed library for the school.  What was originally intended as overnight quarters for visiting priests (like me), badly damaged by the earthquake, above the school office and pump-house, is being demolished and expanded  Nicolas has commitments from several international aid agencies for text and reference books... once there's a suitable space to house them.

The entire project (including security doors, bookcases, tables, chairs, etc.) is expected to cost about $6500.  Your help is badly needed... and a large donation might get you (or a loved one) a memorial plaque in Haiti!

Fr. Gregory+

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