After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


My beloved Spiritual Father

reposed in the Lord, peacefully at home, last night (Wednesday 9/28 after Vespers) about 9:30pm Tennessee time.  The family is working on setting the date for the funeral.  Maybe Saturday or maybe Monday.  I will post it here as soon as possible and other updates as I receive them.

Please wait until after the funeral is arranged to call the family.

Our ROCOR is saying farewell to a giant.  There is nobody to take his place.  He leaves many orphans.


update (12:00pm):
Funeral will be Monday morning.  Time to be announced.

In the meantime ROCOR-MP Dcn. Matthew is planning to post updated information on the parish website, so you can try this link:
Otherwise, please be patient.


from Fr. John (12:15pm):

After years of devoted service to God, our dear father and brother, Archpriest Gregory Williams, reposed in the Lord late last night.  Please pray for his salvation, and for the consolation of his family and flock.  Unto the servant of God, the Archpriest Gregory, O Lord, grant rest perpetual in blessed repose, and make his memory to be eternal!


mailing address:
Mat. Anastasia Williams
1180 Orthodox Way
Liberty, Tennessee 37095


from Matushka Anastasia:
Services will be as follows.

  Saturday October 2nd 10am pannykhida.

  Saturday 6pm Vigil served by Fr. John Hinton.

  Sunday October 3rd 8:30am Hours and Divine Liturgy Potluck to follow.

  Sunday 8pm Pannykhida followed by the reading of the Gospels through the night.
  Monday October 4th 10am Funeral with Bishop Kyrill followed by potluck memorial meal.

There will be very little room for flowers 
please make donations to the Haitian mission instead.


Pray for the Reposed


"The heavy and irreplaceable loss"

Comments under the obituary on Internet Sobor

Archdeacon Hermann 09/29/2016 17:40
I was not personally acquainted with him, but everyone knew heard about it are true followers of St John of Shanghai in the Orthodox Church. About him only good, positive was heard ...
Kingdom of Heaven, the newly departed father Archpriest Gregory th!
+ Protodeacon. Hermann

+3 Sergey 29.09.2016 17:14
This man - a legend, the saint of the day. It every day for many years continuously feeding hundreds of hungry Haitian children. I saw with my own eyes how he moved barefoot in light plastic slippers in late November 2008 in the streets of New Jersey when sleet. I was told that because it does not depend on the place and time in the example of St John of Shanghai. He had three sons and they all became Orthodox priests on the island of Haiti, who are also involved in charity spine. But unfortunately in the selection of the true ROCOR in 2008, only one stayed with him. I had the honor to take his blessing. He himself was an English and miraculously came exactly in the ROCA. I am happy that I was with him a brief sign, and I think that this vessel is the Holy Ghost witness the life of the Lord God is the Holy Spirit in our Church! We pray to God for us and our church father Gregory righteous! P.S. this death is no accident occurred precisely on the eve of the coming temptation in the Americas

+5 Metropolitan Agafangel 09/29/2016 15:40
The heavy and irreplaceable loss not only for us but also for the mission in Haiti, the school that it has equipped about. Gregory: 




MEMORY ETERNAL. There really isn't anyone willing or able to take his place with all he did for ROCA.

Unknown said...

We were privileged to know him for only a short time here at St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox Church in Florida. Very sorry to hear this.
All sympathy and consolation to his Matushka, family, and flock. Memory Eternal!
Michael and Jeanne Christus
Flagler Beach, FL

Joanna said...

Father's death was sudden. Peaceful, but sudden. I think the legally-required autopsy said "heart attack". His heart just stopped. He was getting out of the hot tub when his heart stopped. His face went into the water, but there was no water in his lungs. His matushka said there was no struggle.

My mother died the same way. She stood up and died. She was already dead when she hit the floor. Her nose was broken, but there was no blood because her heart had already stopped. Seemed like a blood clot that just stopped her heart. With Father, a blood clot would be likely, since he had such poor circulation in his legs.

Very conveniently, when Father died his body was naked and clean. He always said people should come into the Church (baptism) naked as the came into the physical world at birth, with nothing. I marvel that he went out of this world in this way, clean and naked. Perfectly.

"O Thou Who by Thine inscrutable providence didst prepare the world for eternal beatitude, Who appointest to all the time and manner of their end..."

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