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Diocesan Assembly in Odessa

ROCA: In the Odessa diocese passed Diocesan Assembly

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. . Published in the ROCA (Views: 93)

October 11 in Odessa, in the Diocesan home under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Agafangel passed Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of Odessa
At the meeting, according to the Decree of the Synod of Bishops, discussed the advisability of convening All-Diaspora Council. Present at the meeting of the clergy stated that life in the diocese takes place peacefully and in the Odessa diocese no issues to resolve that require All-Diaspora Council. All-Diaspora Council will be necessary in the event that it will be attended by those who request it, and just needs his authoritative decision, even though all members of the Diocesan Assembly consider unfounded claims of these people, not constructive, and contrary to the traditions of the Orthodox Church. But if these people will be ready to participate in the All-Diaspora Council, the representatives of the Odessa diocese in favor of the convening of the Council. Those present at the meeting indicate that a legitimate All-Diaspora Council may be convened only in accordance with prescribed in the Regulations on the procedure of ROCOR, to make changes to this procedure can only Council of Bishops. Another way called a council can not be cited as lawful and All-Diaspora Council.

In case if they decided to convene an All-Diaspora Council, Diocesan Assembly of the Odessa diocese elected their delegates to the Cathedral, which became Archpriest Serge Begashov, Vitaly Morozov, Andrei Trachuk Priest, Deacon Michael Pawlowski Torba and Dionysius, Andrew Parvadov layman.
Chairman of the meeting: + Metropolitan Agafangel
Secretary: Archpriest Vitaly Morozov
Assembly Members: Archpriest Basil Zaburyany Alexander Martynenko Sergiy Begashov Alexander Gasich Abbot Methodius (coat of arms), Andrew priests Trachuk Alex Sereda, George Storozhitsky, Eugene Bugaychuk, Deacon Michael Torba and Dionysius Pawlowski

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