After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Haiti Mission: a note from Reader Nicolas Neptune

about Nicolas by Matushka Anastasia:
Nicolas is founder and responsible for the school in Jacmal, which has the most students, gets most of the HOM donations and is possibly in the greatest need.  His is a very interesting history story:

He began (his Orthodox life) by asking Papa questions every time beginning with Papa's first visit to Haiti.  After following Papa around and learning of The Faith, he and a few friends asked Papa if they could start regular church services.  They were diligent in reading scripture and whatever else Papa could find for them in French.  They spent more time reading, praying and discussing Orthodox Christianity on Sundays than we spent in Church.  Papa wrote to our people in France to send him any thing they might have so that they could learn more about The Faith.  They asked for more instruction and some were baptized, by Fr Gregory, soon thereafter.   Nicolas was their enthusiastic leader and he then went to college.  HOM funds provided for all of his needs, academic and personal.  He then returned to Jacmal asked for money to start a school and it has been growing ever since in size and academic excellence.   He always has more projects which need money (this is always true in Haiti). 

from Jacmel: a note from Reader Nicolas and 2 photos:
10/19/16 Hello my sister! I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior. I am very happy to have your news especially your words of consolation. We were left with our solder Papa loved us very much and we want to continue to do his will that his goal is and remains unchangeable.  He was the parish priest of St. Augustine by Jacmel but in his absence before his death Father Amboise was allowed to come to St. Augustine each 2 times a month to celebrate the liturgical services.  Last weekend, he was with us for services, now the faithful could not keep water in their eyes because it's hard to forget as fast Papa our share of the treatment he used to give us the spiritual and social point of view, his works clearly show how great was his love for us in Haiti. We will never cease to pray for the soul of our Papa.
Bonjour ma soeur! Je vous salue dans le nom de notre Seigneur Jésus christ et Sauveur. Je suis très content d'avoir tes nouvelles plus particulièrement tes mots de reconfort. Nous étions resté souder avec notre Papa qui nous aimait beaucoup et nous voulons continuer à faire sa volonté pour que son objectif reste et demeure inchangeable. Il était le curé de la paroisse de St Augustin ici à jacmel mais en son absence avant son trépas Père Amboise était autorisé de venir à st Augustin chaque 2 fois par mois pour célébrer les services liturgiques. Ce weekend dernier, il était avec nous pour les services, en ce moment les fidèles ne pouvaient pas garder l'eau dans leurs yeux car il est difficile d'oublier aussi rapide notre Papa de part du traitement qu'il a l'habitude de nous donner du point de vue spirituelle et sociale, ses oeuvres montrent clairement combien était grand son amour pour nous en Haiti. Nous ne cesserons jamais de prier pour l'âme de notre Papa.

what Vladyka Agafangel says about the future of the Haitian Mission:
Vladyka says:

"We are currently determining, how our ROCA can contribute in managing the parish in Tennesee and the mission in Haiti. Unfortunately, due to problems which are now facing us, it seems that we cannot manage without the help of our Greek brothers."

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