After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Kotlaroff Schismatics prove to be jurisdictional ecumenists

Metropolitan Agafangel:  New Believers proved heretics

You can "congratulate" the new dissenters so that they, in addition to its split, fell in the heresy of ecumenism.  More precisely, the original heretical confession of orthodoxy led them to split.  In his "Questions and Answers" on October 12, 2016, their representatives on site "rocana", as in his mind and in accordance with his conscience write: In our day, ... we consider the universal Church is made up of divided “fragments,” which do not associate with each other. rocana.org

This right is subject to the anathema, "who attack the Church of Christ by teaching, for theirs is divided into branches, and approving, like a church apparently does not exist, but from the branches and splits, heterodoxy and religions will be united into one body ...: Anathema!"

In support of their heresy, they even give an example: let us consider, for example, the synod of Archbishop Tikhon (Pasechnik), who is not in communion with the Kallinikos synod.  Let us ask ourselves, why?  Is the synod of Archbishop Tikhon less Orthodox than the Odessa synod?  Certainly, not.  It can be explained by developments in the relations between the bishops of both synods, a topic best avoided at this time.  For the fact that the Odessa synod, out of all the other “fragments,” is in communion with the Kallinikos synod is no more than a historical coincidence, rocana.org

At the time, I hesitate as inoffensive poimenovat those who separated from ROCA ahead of time, so that in the future they do not close the way for the reunification of his notes to find the word "debris".  It seemed convenient and not offensive to others.  But the split is a split.  It can start even with a simple misunderstanding and quarrel or dispute, but then take root and turns into a schism, and then in heresy.

There may be individuals and groups who do not know about each other, or are offended at each other, or do not trust, or have distorted notions about each other, or something else of the kind, and the only reason, stay in the division.  But when a misunderstanding and objective obstacles between them disappear, they are reunited and live in peace.  It is always assumed ROCA when not insisted that she was the only Orthodox church in the world.  But it is quite different when living together, suddenly separated for no apparent reason.  There can not possibly be right both sides.  In fact, we know without a cause nothing ever happens.  So in this case it opened the real reason for this separation - hidden heresy of a certain group, the former before us.

The Church can accept incoming in her enclosure in various ways.  The fact that we have accepted Bishops Dionisiy, Iriney and Anastasiy, who were consecrated by other "fragments,” in their existing office without cheirothesia  rocana.org is a common practice of the Church. This does not mean recognition of the fact that the Church is the visible part.  So, in the confession of faith, taken together ROCOR and GOC Greece and Romania in June 2014.  "The True Orthodox Church in the face of the heresy of ecumenism," said:

"1. When making a repentant heretics and schismatics, Ecumenical and Local Councils of the Church, in addition to the principle of acrivia [austerity], at times used the so-called principle of economia [mercy], that is, canonical and pastoral practice, according to which the possibility of a temporary deviation from the letters of the sacred rules, without violation of their spirit.   2. at the same time, of course, economia never and in no way allows the justification of sin, or any kind of compromise with the "correct and saving confession of faith," as the oikonomia is aimed purely and solely to facilitate, in the spirit of humanity and mercy, salvation of souls for whom Christ died.   3. The use of economia in making heretics and schismatics in ecclesial communion does not mean that the Church recognizes the accuracy and validity of their sacraments, which were committed outside the boundaries of the canonical and charismatic.   4 . the Holy Orthodox Church never recognized the sacraments committed outside it at a distance from her, absolutely, nor by acrivia nor by economy, as make or receive these ordinances are in the depths of their heretical or schismatic communities. "

As heretics dissenters wrote: these very "fragments,” i.e. microscopic church jurisdictions existing autonomously, are not provided for in the canons. rocana.org   Indeed, there is provided, and can not be provided.  For these groups, there are clear canonical definition: parasinagoga - dissenters - heretics.

It is possible that many of those who are now separated from the ROCA, are not aware of what is happening. Perhaps now they will think before you make a fateful step. That opened the heresy of separating from us - there is God's providence for those who follow the dissenters in the dark.  Now the Lord opens the eyes of the blind.
+ Metropolitan Agafangel
September 30 / October 13, 2016.
St. Michael, Metropolitan of Kiev (992)


Joanna said...

Somehow I knew this was coming. I remember one of the earlier complaints the schismatics had against Vladyka was that he supposedly did nothing to unite the fragments. We have been hearing that same-ol' same-ol' blah blah blah for years now. Talk about beating a dead horse...

Joanna said...

Also it is not surprising that they bring up the catacomb bishops again. That REALLY made the fragments mad when the true catacomb bishops chose our ROCA over one of their fragments. The devils are going to forever punish us for that one.

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