After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Book: Defeat of Jordanville (Russian)

DEFEAT Jordanville - Preface - Archdeacon German Ivanov-thirteenth

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel incl. . Published in the Russian Orthodox Church (Views: 188)

From Editions [Site "Western European Bulletin"] : Georgy Soldatov, the church became renowned foreign leaders, the chairman of the "Society of Zealots memory of Metropolitan Anthony," the site "Loyalty" and himself a former editor dzhordanvillets, asked us to write a preface to the book he compiled the great past Jordanville. Of course, today there are many more people have passed through this corner of Holy Russia Diaspora abroad, but how few remaining faithful to the spirit, which were there to learn! What can be said about Jordanville truthful one who betrayed him, and without a twinge of conscience came under the Moscow Patriarchate? In this respect, GM Soldiers not only alumnus of our glorious seminary, remaining faithful to its precepts and teachings, but also impregnated to this day its spirit with the living and true representation of how much prevailed there way of life, and the most prominent figures with whom he was given there to talk . Below we offer our introduction to these memories and highly recommend to anyone interested in the history of the Church Abroad and the special mission of the White emigration to purchase this living language written work published with a variety of sometimes rare photos. Protodeacon. G.I.-T.
GM Soldatov, Rout Jordanville, Odessa, 2016.90 p prescribe the following address:. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view. . Price $ 10 + shipment.
DEFEAT Jordanville
Jordanville. Ugly American locality, without a soul, without a history, without a past. In a word - American hole. And yet the whole mіr famous town, one with respect pronounced, and others and hated ... what miracle could this little town to get out of that gray anonymity in which it still remains in the first decades of the twentieth century and from which seemingly never it was to come out? Just the fact that one day the two Russian modest and even illiterate monk, burning Russian Orthodox faith, have decided in this remote place to repeat and continue the very miracle of Russian history, which is so strongly and enthusiastically wrote and spoke the unforgettable Archimandrite Constantine / Zaitsev /.
This was a miracle, and it in these memoirs.
The proposed reader labor Georgy Soldatov, a former seminarian and a pet of this corner of Holy Russia, remaining until the end of his life inexorably faithful to the ideals on which was raised by our great Saints and Fathers, opens here my heart and my memory of the experiences they vetom amazing, unique phenomenon, what was our Russian, Orthodox, White, Foreign Jordanville.
In his old age already GM Soldiers decided to share this treasure. Share, because it seems to us, such work generally was not there, but a space that was necessary, and without delay, make up: in fact, how many remain true and honest witness the phenomenon, what was our JORDANVILLE - a word that we with justifiable pride continue to say, despite the fact that its former glory, after the incredible events of the early church treacherous two thousand years, not what dimmed and disappeared just now?
Yes, alas, it is fully justified the title of this work - "The defeat of Jordanville."
In fact - in what has turned this Diaspora Laurus, as many called it? Jordanville was the banner of the Russian Orthodox Church was the spiritual rock upon which the entire Orthodox mіr looked and listened to that, even those who are not officially recognized our Church, but nonetheless knew that it gives a true Orthodox range. It's about spiritual confessor meaning of our Church and Her main citadel. But this was only possible thanks to the perfectly rare individuals who for three generations with prayer and tears created Jordanville and that there Georgy its artistic pen mentions a few touching strokes. Feat bow before these ardent perfect spiritual toilers!
Just think: a handful of people quench the spiritual hunger of the Orthodox people in the terrible Soviet times. When the official Church was engaged there subservience to the atheist regime, the whole church and liturgical literature in abundance, was free from Jordanville! And still - Jordanville missal many stores, as a kind of treasure that time. And what we see today? Printing machines fell silent, and in the monastery shop sold en masse patriarchal publications, among which abound in and reprints foreign books, sometimes blasphemous 'doctored' in the spirit of modern politics, in particular the "Russian Wonder Stories", Archimandrite Constantine ...
All the monastery together with the seminary lived one life, one not above the black work, be it in the fields, in the kitchen, and so on. D. This should surprise most people who grew up in our historic homeland. Before it seems incredible when compared with what can be observed not only in the ecclesiastical reality of post-Soviet Russia, but also in the today's Jordanville.
I remember us the story of one young man, who came '' out '' at the invitation of the ever-memorable Metropolitan Vitaly.Metropolitan's sitting at the table, suddenly sitting next Archimandrite gets up, goes to the kitchen and feeds him soup. "I almost burst with shame - I, '' Soviet punks', submits Archimandrite! I tried to imagine this picture in patriarchy !!! ". Yes, there is something to learn: in the Orthodox Church lived for the Church, for the Church, not from it, due to it. A considerable difference.A kind of reverse perspective ...
Who wants to get a closer look with a special The foreign spirit doubtless reads in one breath the memories of a great past Jordanville, with love and talent contained GM Soldatov. I cordially thank him for that, for some it raises to a number of rare personalities memory, what's not to find and familiarize others with this great past.
It remains to us to proclaim the eternal memory and express our filial gratitude to the founders of the monastery, fathers Panteleimon and Joseph, the pearl of Orthodoxy Archbishop Vitaly and Averky, white chronicler Archimandrite Constantine, reviver of traditional iconography Archimandrite Cyprian, strict historian ND Thalberg, Professor IM Andreev and IM Kontsevich, Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky, Archimandrite Sergei and Vladimir, and all the nobles and the commoners, whom names were not listed, but no less deserving of our appreciation!
Archdeacon German Ivanov-thirteenth

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