After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Vladyka Agafangel received invitation to Robber Council

Metropolitan Agafangel answers Father Andrei Erastov's invitation to the Robber Council to be held at Mountain View, New York

FROM: Abbot Andrew (Erastov)
TO:  Metropolitan Agafangel 15Dec2016 

Your Eminence Metropolitan Agafangel: 

Your Eminence, You are invited to the 6th All-Diaspora Council, which will take place from 10 to 14 January, 2017,  in the Spiritual Center of Mountain View, New York. At the forthcoming Council the in-depth reasons for the crisis formed in the ROCA for the last 8 years will be thoroughly discussed, and ways out of the present critical situation will be sought. 

The Pre-Council Committee of the 6th All-Diaspora Council.

FROM Vladyka Agafangel
TO: Abbot Andrew (Erastov)

Your Reverence! 
     According to the decision of our Council of Bishops in 2016, all those persons who will be present from 10 to 14 January 2017 at the heretical gathering at Mountain View, incorrectly referred to as "the 6th All-Diaspora Council," if they are ordained – will be prohibited from serving and, if they are lay people or monks – banned from Holy Communion.  So I, even if I wanted to, I have no right to be present there.  The same is true  for you.  Therefore, being responsible for the Australian Diocese, I forbid you to participate in this unlawfulness. 

     With a sincere concern for your salvation,
     +Metropolitan Agafangel
Kindly translated for us by Bishop John of Melbourne

October 27, 2016  Appeal Council of Bishops

After discussion about the situation in our dioceses in America, Canada and the Russian Federation, we have taken into account, that retired bishops Andronik (formerly of Syracuse and St. Nicholas Monastery), and Sofrony (formerly of St. Petersburg and Northern Russian) have not recognized the Resolutions of the ecclesiastical Court concerning them, and are behaving themselves as ruling bishops contrary to these Resolutions.

Archbishop Andronik in his lawless ministry, and, together with Archbishop Sofrony, by false teaching and administrative actions are continuing to confuse the flock, which according to the canons, deserve the punishment of deprivation of the priesthood.  Considering that they are cunningly calling for peace, they are unwilling to negotiate with the hierarchy of ROCOR and refused to come to the Bishops Council.  They are doing all they can to prevent reconciliation taking place in the bosom of the Holy Church, aiming to inflict division, based on their especially invented false heretical teaching.

Having exhausted all possibilities for peace and reconciliation, the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia has decided to leave them to the will of God, so that they themselves may decide their own fate.

The Council of Bishops calls upon all  people supporting archbishops Andronik and Sofrony, to abandon their intention to organize an arbitrary gathering, calling it the "All-Diaspora Council", and to dissolve the so-called "Pre-Council Committee".  Such a gathering convened without the blessing of the Synod of Bishops, in the case of occurring, would be an act of schism and visible evidence of falling away from the Church.  If this gathering is convened, all who wish to be present, testify that being warned, they have knowingly and willingly separated from the Church; which will be confirmed by the Council of Bishops by a decree prohibiting archbishops Andronik and Sofrony from serving, the prohibition from serving by their respective ruling bishop of all priests who take part in the unlawful gathering, and for all laity who participate  - excommunication from Holy Communion; for which a special Conciliar Decree has been issued.

The Council of Bishops calls archbishops Andronik and Sofrony, and all their supporting clergy and laity, to renounce the heretical false doctrine that the One Church of Christ presently does not visibly exist, but rather exists in the form of separated fragments, which have no communion between each other, to abandon this rebellion against lawful Church authority, and to begin preparations for a genuine and lawful all-Diaspora Council, consisting of all the bishops, diocesan representatives, clergy, monastics  and laity, through which only, according to Church faith, the will of God can be realized.

14/27 October 2016
Council Chairman: Metropolitan Agafangel

Council members: Archbishop George (Secretary), Bishop Gregory (Vice Chairman), Athanasy, Nikon, Nicholas, Anastasy, Roman and Anfim; Archbishop John and Bishop Cyril (participated in the work of the Council via Skype)

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