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Archbisop Andronicus & Sophrony prohibited from serving

ROCA Synod issued two ukases, one for Abp. Andronik and another for Abp. Sophrony. 

Vladyka Agafangel posted notice on Internet Sobor, January 12, 2017:

ROCA: Archbishops Andronik, Sophrony prohibited from serving

The schismatics’ conscience did not keep them from continuing with their dissention as many had hoped; so, notwithstanding, they opened the gathering of their parasynagogue, hypocritically calling it "the Sixth All-Diaspora Council." Actually, they cannot call it otherwise, as they have neither a Council of Bishops nor a Synod, in as much as they cannot be regarded as an authoritative (credible, established) assembly. So they were constrained to call  their parasynagogue an "All-Diaspora Council." If they had to, they would not hesitate, not be ashamed to call it an "Ecumenical Council". What else can they do? If necessary, they have to deceive people somehow.

On our part, we have done everything possible to reach out to their conscience - we scrutinized the matter at the scheduled  Synod, convened an extraordinary, unscheduled Synod, discussed it at the Bishops Sobor, made endeavors at reconciliation through the mediation of our Greek brothers, made attempts to meet wyith them, traveled especially to the US with the aim to meet and discuss the situation, but all to no avail - insofar as to resolve our differences and to preserve the integrity of the Church was not in these people’s plans. Indeed, when God wants to punish, first He deprives one of one’s reasoning…and one’s conscience. We have done all that we could. So now we will bring this matter to a decisive conclusion, as any further delay of ours concerning the application of the measures which are provided for by the canons, may cause confusion among the faithful of the Church of Christ.

"A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; Knowing that he that is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself." (Titus 3:10-11).

For the schismatics there is now only one way out - to conclude their assemblage in repentance, and not with a rebellion and schism. It is still within their power.

May the Lord enlighten them!

+ Metropolitan Agafangel

We discussed: The actions and statements of the bishops Andronicus and Sophronia and supporting clergy and laity of the Church after the Court.

Decided: 1. To call a group of believers, headed by retired archbishops Andronicus and Sophronius, stop training uncanonicity meeting planned by them and dissolve the so-called Pre-Council Committee. Suggest they participate in the preparation of the canonicity of the All-Diaspora Council of our whole Church, in accordance with the Regulations of the ROCOR. 2. To warn them that in the event of impenitence, at the moment of the beginning of their wicked gatherings which they falsely call the All-Diaspora Council, ministers from among them will be forbidden from serving and monastics and laity separated from Holy Communion. 3. Claim that all hierarchical steps archbishops Andronicus and Sophronia, committed in violation of the decision of the ecclesiastical court of pochislenii they retire, are invalid. 4. Prepare additional appeal to this group of believers. 5. In the case of lawless fact gathering meeting to authorize the President and the Registrar to issue a decree on behalf of the Council of Bishops, on the prohibition from serving all who participated in this gathering of arhieereev ROCA. Ruling bishop instructed to ban from serving their subordinate clergy and separate from communion subordinate laity participating in the lawless concourse.

On the basis of this Regulation, the Bishops' Council of 25-27 October 2016, Archbishop Andronicus Sophrony as rebels, heretics and schismatics are prohibited from serving. All entrenched heresy and schism clergy are also forbidden from serving and supporting them lay excommunicated by St. Communion. The Decrees will be published later.

text of the ukases machine translation
For the failure to comply to the resolution of the Bishop’s Council of 17-19  May 2016, and the extraordinary unscheduled Bishop’s Council of 19-21 of July 2016, the Church Court № 002 of 21 July 2016 and the Bishop’s Council of 25-27 September 2016, taking into account that the revolt against the Church is founded on the basis of the false teaching that the Church of Christ is not One, but divided into “branches”, or “fragments”, and that a schism, in this manner, in spite of the teachings of the Holy Fathers, does not consider itself to be a falling away from the One  Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This declaration of theirs is a heretical false teaching, pursuant to the Resolution of the Bishop’s Council 25-27 of October 2016 
Henceforth, you are forbidden from serving, being a heretic and schismatic.

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Joanna said...

Comments on Internet Sobor website as of January 12, 2017:

Metropolitan Agafangel
Even in this situation, dissenters are given a chance to rectify the situation, and at its meeting expressed full obedience to the Bishops' Council, and the Synod to restore fraternal relations (what we call them all the time), and thus stop trying to split our Church. whether they will take advantage of this last opportunity to preserve church unity - it depends on them.

Prohibition - is our last opportunity to reach out to their conscience and to return to the Church. Now they decide.

Internet Sobor
Believers on the support of their Credo.Ru site posted information about their concourse. We managed to collect a total of 30 persons: the former Bishop Andronicus and Sophronius, who were joined by the former Bishop Irenaeus, "more than 10 priests," the other 15 lay people. Izhevsk fathers in touch on Skype. Representatives of the Serbian dissenters, led by m. Euphrasinia of Lesna Monastery came as observers.

Prohibited from serving and Ignatius Krutkov (which for some reason called the priest Igor Krutkov - really took a monk?) I read the report, as well as other prohibited - Archbishop. Sophronius and Bishop. Irenaeus, and excommunicated from the communion V.Yarmolinets. It took two days.

In the posted photo also viewed banned from serving and Gregory and Andrew Erastov Kotlyarov.

As can be seen, the members parasinagogi issue of repentance is not on the agenda.

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