After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



Memorial for newly reposed, Isaac Lambertson, a missionary giant (from our old-ROCOR, who has passed from us), among modern Orthodox Liturgical Translators-

Dan Everiss
Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 12:33 PM

May his good deeds go before him! and may God forgive all the rest!
-even as we must also ask for our own souls, when we pass over.


As to exactly 'why'?,  [for all possible guessed-at reasons],  he, and a number of others from the old ROCOR, did not physically flee the 2007 apostasy to the MP, is not clear at this point, except from what his long-time close co-worker, Jordanville Monastery resident, Fr. Laurence Campbell now also departed, [who also had worked for years, in tandem  with Isaac on English liturgical translation work], -aided for years too, in their joint group translation efforts, by behind the scenes, Reader Daniel Olson's language expertise/advice,  in both Russian and English and Church Slavonic and liturgical Greek, and also he being a Typikon expert in both the Russian and Greek Typikons, and in the Lives of the Saints and the Church Calendar, etc.- ... had told me in an informal impromptu & frank long phone conversation that I had with him at Jordanville,  several years ago: in Fr. Charles' case, [though he gave me his semi-guarded but distinct impression that he was not in favor, in his heart, of the union] but....he could not  physically, in his old age and declining ill-health,  leave his only earthly home-his support base, Jordanville Monastery,  as the monastery paid for all of his medical bills, fed and sheltered him, and as he told me,  he was 'too old to go anywhere else'. With Isaac Lambertson too, he had lived and grown old, at the New York Synod headquarters for many long years, and he probably felt, in his declining old age, that  he also, 'had no where else to go'. They  will have his funeral there, it appears, served by ROCOR/MP Hilarion Kapral, who recently gave him the monastic tonsure, as Monk Joseph.

Why should we care?... we whom God has especially blessed & permitted to perceive and to see and to understand and to flee that 2007 apostasy to the, still enslaved, Stalin-created, 'Moscow Patriarchy'?

Because:  dedicated Isaac Lambertson accomplished many long years of pious and constant and heroic liturgical translations of most of our major and lesser Orthodox Service books, and related Orthodox spiritual texts, into a proper and refined dignified liturgical-English, for the worship use and inspiration of our vast English-speaking Orthodox people. We know of those hidden unseen by the public, efforts, largely through what newly departed Fr. Gregory Williams [a close long-time co-worker with both Isaac  Lambertson and Fr. Charles Campbell], has had put into printed book form and has made available to us, through  his St. John of Kronstadt Press. Those foreign Orthodox liturgical translators too, in other countries,  on making & printing Orthodox liturgical texts in their  modern western languages, such as in French, Spanish, etc, etc, etc., have utilized  his translated texts to guide  their work.

"To ere is human, to forgive is divine!"

So, MAY GOD!, WHO alone knows our hearts, and WHO ALONE has the power to forgive all sins,  bless newly reposed Isaac Lambertson's soul and grant him forgiveness of all of his sins, and if it be possible, and....

Grant his soul rest, where the light of God's countenance shall perpetually shine on him!


Reader Daniel Everiss in Oregon


Joanna said...

I can confirm what Reader Daniel says about why Br. Isaac went along with the ROCOR-MP union –– it was because of the health insurance. Fr. Gregory wrote me on 9/11/11 about Br. Isaac's "horrid medical expenses":
"...(his MP insurance pays most of it, but not all)..." Also, at this time Br. Isaac was accepting commissions for compositions and translations, but he had pretty much stopped doing any translating of lives of saints, –– but that sometimes Father could "coax him to do something in particular"...

Br. Isaac will now appreciate the prayers of the ROCA for his soul.

Joanna said...

Unlike with Bp. Daniel of Erie and Fr. Vladimir Anderson of EOB (who were held captive by ROCOR-MP and OCA on their deathbeds), Br. Isaac willfully, even if reluctantly, submitted to the ROCOR-MP and with full awareness accepted a monastic tonsure from the ROCOR-MP.

We can remember him in our private prayers.

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