After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Incorrupt Relics of Bp. Constantine Denounce ROCOR-MP

 ROCA incorruptible relics of saints Lord denounces apostate bishops of the ROCOR MP: Uncovering of the relics of the bishop and the British Constantine Richmond

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When Emperor Theodosius the Younger, when bishops inclined to heretical wickedness, God showed a miracle in the holy relics of the seven youths of Ephesus and returned it to Orthodoxy lost.
At a time when many in the ROCOR bowed to the ROC, which in 1997, thanks to a decade of ecumenical "contact", fell in union with the heretical Vatican Lord to discipline flock of ROCOR and rebuke wickedness of its bishops is in full incorrupt relics of saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. These saints testified retreat MP and anathematized ecumenism, and the current bishops of the ROCOR MP joined with the Uniate-Ecumenists MP and plunged into the death of his flock.

The first Lord glorified svt. Filaret of New York and the American, revealing his imperishable power, is now glorified En. Constantine ...
ROCOR bishop body Constantine Richmond and the British found incorrupt, although his burial place was flooded with water. It was revealed to December 1, 2014, when his tomb was opened in Texas, to transport his remains to Jordanville.
Bishop Constantine (in the world Mavrikievich Essensky Manuel) was born on 17/30 May 1907 in St. Peterbrurge. His father worked in the Imperial Chancellery and was killed by the Bolsheviks shortly after the revolution. His mother died of a heart attack in the same year, leaving 11-year-old son an orphan. Great influence on the boy helped the future New Martyr Archbishop of Riga, John (Pommer), who blessed him to go to the Riga Theological Seminary.

In 1930-1932 he studied at the St. Sergius Theological Institute in Paris.
In 1932, Metropolitan Eulogy (St George) in Paris ordained Manuel Essenskogo celibacy as a deacon and then a priest. In 1938 he was accepted into ROCOR.

Since 1949 he lived in the United States. In 1950-1960-ies - Rector of Holy Protection Church at a nursing home Russian-US alliance in Glen Cove on Long Island (NY, USA.).

In 1967, at the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, Archbishop Averky (Taushev) Archpriest Manuel vows as a monk with the name of Constantine.
December 10, 1967, Archimandrite Constantine was consecrated Bishop Brisbeynskogo, Vicar of the Diocese of Australia and Novozelanskoy. He was known for his ascetic life and asceticism.

Since 1978 - the Bishop of Boston, Vicar of the Eastern American and New York Diocese.

Since 1981 - the Bishop of Richmond and the British. At the same time he served as the rector of the Cathedral of the Dormition in London.

Bishop Konstantin participated in the ROCOR Council of 1983, which was anathematized ecumenism.

In January 1986, he went into retirement on health grounds. In 1991, Bishop Constantine moved to the Convent of Christ on a hill near the town of Blanco, climatic conditions which were better for the health of the bishop.

He died 18 (31) May 1996 after a short illness. He was buried in the monastery of Christ in the Hills. The monastery was abandoned and it was decided to rebury the body behind the altar of the Cathedral of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville (ROCOR-MP).

When the brothers of the monastery opened the grave, they found that all of it is filled with water - a coffin and episcopal vestments were completely destroyed, and the body of the saint is not subjected to decay and destruction, and looked almost the same as at the burial of him in 1996.

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