After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


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This is the only INTRA-ROCOR schism.  The only schism from Agafangel.
Formed 2016
Vl. Agafangel names of Individuals gone with this schism
Comments on an Internet Sobor post with information relevant to us.
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Results parasinagogi meeting in Mountain View
Comments as of 1/21/2017

 - Metropolitan Agafangel 01/19/2017 14:18
What has given the Church this meeting?
Split - the only of its outcome.

 - monk Nikandr 01/21/2017 19:03
Illegal ordained a priest deacon Zavodova.
Hierodeacon Liping awarded incomprehensible to the monk award - double orarion (probably to yell louder).

  - Metropolitan Agafangel 01/21/2017 19:49
I think that we should gradually cease to be interested in what is happening there. Just take note of, as well as all other information about the events in the sects. Life goes on, it is impossible to look at what can turn us into a pillar of salt.

  - monk Nikandr 01/19/2017 13:47
Welcome address prot. Alexander Iwaszewicz from Buenos Aires the 1st session of the 6th All-Diaspora Council 

Dear in the Lord Reverend Bishop, Reverend Fathers and Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
   These days you have gathered in the Cathedral, where serious questions will be dealt with. Your decisions will concern, primarily, of the diocese in the United States and Russia. But it shows that sooner or later, create obstoyateltva, spread to the rest of the diocese directly or indirectly by.
   I repeat my sympathy and unity of the Spirit with you. During the last months, unanimously prayed, concelebrated and communed with the father of Ignatius, who came to you in the Cathedral just under Argentine air zagarevshim from the sun's rays. Our present reality is not favoring t live participation at the Council. We look forward to your prayers and fraternal Christian understanding. Have the spirit of humility, meekness, and love the Cathedral to your feet have been directed by the words of the Divine. I wrote to the Metropolitan and his bishop that I write and you:
   "If there is a separation, I recognize it will not." Unacceptable to once again crush us! May we all may be one as the Father and the Son! It is desired unity based on love for God and neighbor. Against such there is no law! So I love you and no law, rule or instruction will not separate me from you!
   And again I will repeat the words of the Metropolitan directed: Do not judge! Yes you be not judged!
   I do not blame you. I love you!
Prot. Alexander Iwaszewicz
Afterfeast Nativity.
Russian Camp "Reserves". Esteros del Ibera, Argentina.

 - Metropolitan Agafangel 01/18/2017 13:56

Because we need to know whom we do not allow, and the official list of delegates heretical gatherings missing (which is proof that it's not even a meeting, and an amateur circus without a certain membership), have ourselves identifitsirovat s these people (almost like on TV help identify identikit criminals).  Let's try:

Yuri Lukin (organized gatherings owner of Mountain View, hiding in the photo not available), Soldatov of ROAC (Lurie), 
Nikolai Chertkov, 
Vladimir Solntsev, 
Mark Kotlyarov, 
Artemije (headman on thick. Farm), 
monastic. Efrosinia (of the HICP) , 
sub-deacon Hilarion, 
Dmitry Goncharov, 
Alexander Krivoshlykov (illegal arms. Bp. Andronicus 08/25/2016), 
dr. Nestor Mihaylechko, 
Vyacheslav Mazur, 
subdeacon Victor, 
architect. Sophronius 
Fr. Igor Dubrov, 
Budzilovich (son), 
Alexander Kovmir 
Vladimir Pasichnyk 
Fr. Nikita Grigoriev, 
Abp. Andronicus 
Fr. Ignatius Krutkov, 
d. Pavel Lipin 
Fr.. Oleg Mironov, 
en. Irenaeus, 
dr. Andrew, on Erastov. 
Dmitriy Dobronravov, 
Vadim Yarmolinets,? 
Fr.. Gregory Kotlyarov, 
d. Victor Mills,?,?, 
Vladimir countrymen.

 - Metropolitan Agafangel 01/18/2017 18:25
Interesting geography turns "All-Diaspora Council."  Of the 30 people from the parish of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Valley Cottage - Lukin about. Gregory Mark, Artemije, Ipod. Hilarion, Ipod. Victor Budzilovich Nikolai Chertkov (8 persons); from Trinity parish - Vladimir Solntsev Vyacheslav Mazur about. Dmitriy Dobronravov, Al etc. Kovmir Vladimir Pasichnyk, Vadim Yarmolinets (6 people) - two account for nearly half of the "All-Diaspora Council."

Ignatius Krutkov Paul Liping and Victor Mills - persons without a certain residence and place of ministry in the delegates could be only "occasionally".

According to the organizers, delegates are not elected, but simply invited everybody who might want to come (even M.Nazarova restricted to travel abroad). I do not think that at this meeting was a single delegate properly elected. And it's a bunch of bezchinnoe they dare to call "recovery m catholicity"!

#RE:  (Missing Photo) Cathedral Internet  01.18.2017 21:38
Yuri Lukin, if someone does not know. The owner of Mountain View and the main culprit heretical gatherings.

#RE  Evidence from the split of the organizer - monk Nikandr 1/19/2017 9:14
Certificate "Metropolitan" Sophronia (Izhevsk writes political officer):
Dear fathers!
Not entirely correct you mention in their thinking action Pre-Council Committee. In the first 10 addresses all of you have been sent a letter from me to which no reply, in which it was written: 

"Dear Lord Bishop of Dionysius and Irenaeus Bogospaemoy from your flock, your Eminence, bless.
Christ is among us!
For a long time we did not communicate face to face, and I think if you bless, now there is a great need for the use of the Church of Christ. You know the events in recent years in our church that prepare the convening of the All-Diaspora Council. I was told that you would like to hold a meeting of the Russian clergy, and I believe that such a time has now come for us to be together that participating in the All-Diaspora Council to restore the Catholic and the canonicity of our Church. It is necessary for all of us to get together and discuss how we should live on Collegiality. To participate in the Council now have to elect the candidates of your parishes and dioceses. Since at this Council will consider and your "rebuke", then kindly make some statement on the Council with a list of crimes m. Agafangel. Your Eminence, and all priests are members of the All-Diaspora Council on the Status [/ b].
In Christ you + Sophrony

But the words of Vladimir cornet:

monah Vladimir:

In fairness, I unworthy exposer lord archbishop Sophronia should conscientiously confirm the evidence of the last that I offender, his Eminence 6 October last year, was transferred to an e-mail invitation to participate in the forthcoming 6Sobora in the first MRI was second on the list. Vladimir Horuzhy and other priests including Izhevsk kind so you have nothing to be offended by the work of Pre-Council Committee but rather to correct their negligence and carelessness in the future.

 - Metropolitan Agafangel 01/17/2017 11:02
Here you can add a lot, but is unlikely to do so. Rushes original zaprogrammirova nnosti a split in the eye - no constructive suggestions for preserving the unity of parasinagogi not reaching - it's a fact. Our offers (at a joint meeting with the Greeks) - rejected. That is, obviously, that did not need anything other than the split that group.

In this connection I wish to recall that the document confirmed by the fact that all divisions in the Russian Church were provoked by the NKVD-KGB-FSB (split 2007 is documented not confirmed - not named names and titles of these "heroes"). I did not suspect - I, because of their position in the Church, I feel and see the action in our midst external forces interested in our second destruction. For something to break up, it is necessary to make an effort - it is an axiom. And we now have a visible result of this effort.

 - monk Nikandr 01/17/2017 13:35
He was not the K. Preobrazhenski minutes, said a few years ago that "we are working on?" And then we laughed at these words, the same Nazarov and Sophronius and others. "Friends"!

 - Alex 01/17/2017 17:48
The man knew what he says, as a professional in these matters.

 - basil 18.01.2017 11:02
     You can add more and that parasinagoga poured on Metropolitan. Agafangel as much dirt as they could think of at the time as the Metropolitan for its part is nothing like these people did not speak.
     Different levels. ? "Doth from one source holes sweet and bitter water can not, my brethren, a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine figs also and one can no fountain salt and sweet water (James 3: 11-12.)...

     What a source of heretical parasinagoga - all could see.


Joanna said...

I was trying to start a list by parishes. I have 2:

Toronto parish. The abbot abbot Nestor.
Toronto, Ont. Holy Resurrection parish. The rector Archpriest. Nikita Grigoriev.
Holy Resurrection Cherch, 213 Winona Drive, Toronto, ON M6C 3S3 , Canada

St. Seraphim Savor parish in Toronto
Hegumen Nestor
Reverend Alexander

Tolstoy Farms seems to be maybe half and half?

Another individual layman is:
Victoria Sherba, lawyer and choir director in Australia

Joanna said...

This schism in calling itself ROCA, according to their news website:
a.k.a. Mountain View schism – under Abp. Andronik Kotlaroff and Abp. Sophrony
a.k.a. Kotlaroff schism
formation finalized in 2017

What should we call this? ROCA-A?
I will call it ROCA-A (for Andronik) until I find out how we are going to write the acronym.

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