After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



REPLACEMENT OW issue #103 complete with all pages

• 78 Under-reported terror attacks killed 750 people

• ROCOR-MP member blog supporting President Trump

• World-Orthodox Serbian blog congratulates President Donald Trump

• Italian village building statue of President Donald Trump

Trial By Jury (Gilbert & Sullivan) Opera (Light fare from Australia

• Muslim take over Shelbyville, Tennessee (27Dec2016)

•  son murdered by Moslem, former Democrat supports Trump's ban

•  Obama, who?

• Satanic Super Bowl  (Protestant study)
     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MovA9A5Sq4s 17 minutes

• Article on Tolkein and Lewis
"I stumbled on this article this afternoon.  In light of prior discussions, I thought you would appreciate the insights into both authors.  Both men were quite devout, one a high church Anglican, the other a Roman Catholic.  Both used "magic" and quasi-Arthurian styled legend as metaphors to the ills of our time, and as metaphors for Christian teaching.  I think they are far superior reading, by the way, to your literary nemesis, the Harry Potter books, I think will far survive the test of being literary classics.  Its a good read."  ~JPP

• How Immigration Will Destroy the Earth (& Gumballs USA starts minute 1:45)

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