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Martyr Olga Koshelev 1939

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Martyr Olga (Koshelev) laywoman
February 21 (March 6)

Martyr Olga (Olga Semenovna Koshelev) was born July 2, 1874 in the village of Lower Beloomut Zarayskiy county Ryazan province to a peasant family; she was married to a working tannery Andrey Koshelev and lived with her husband and children in Moscow, not far from the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gonchary and was a parishioner of the church for many years.

By the second half of 1938 Stalin's decree on mass repressions against the people ceased to operate; however, there was a unit of the NKVD army of informants, who continued to communicate about certain people, and arrests on false denunciations have not stopped.  One such secret informants denounced Olga Semyonovna.  As a significant argument in favor of the arrest of the NKVD was its characterization as an active tserkovnitsy.  Olga Semyonovna was arrested on 27 October 1938 and imprisoned in the Taganka prison.

- You are accused of counterrevolutionary activity.  The investigation requires you truthful testimony on this issue! - The investigator said.

- No counter-revolutionary activities, I was not engaged, - said Olga Semyonovna.

- The fact that the Soviet government arrests of innocent clergy, the church closes without the consent of the believers, you spoke?

- Yes, I said; and now, seeing the innocent arrested me, I say it again, that the Soviet authorities arrest innocent clergy and the faithful.  Church without the consent of the believers closed, that is the persecution of religion and the clergy.

- For what reason do you say against the ongoing activities of the party and the Soviet power?

- According to their religious beliefs; Soviet power struggles with religion, and this led to the repeated statements by me against the activities of the Party and the Soviet government.

- The investigation is known that in private conversations with your friends, you expressed the sentiments of terrorism in relation to the leaders of the Party and the Soviet government.  The investigation offers to give truthful testimony in this regard.

- Never anyone no, I did not state terrorist sentiments.

Witnesses were called, in particular, the chairman of the church council of the Assumption Church, but they have confirmed only that Olga Semyonovna in the presence of the congregation said, "Lord, what is done only in this world, everywhere the church closed without the consent of the faithful and the clergy and believers unjustly arrested and deported to distant places.  This is not life, but one torture ... ".  However, none of the witnesses had accused Olga Semyonovna in saying terrorist sentiments, but to call as a witness an informant investigator did not want to.

Prosecutor, which the NKVD was given the case for permission to transfer it to the court, found the crime proven, but solely on the basis of the reports of secret undercover informant; but because of the NKVD did not want to reveal his name, the prosecutor ordered to refer the case out of court for consideration in the Special Meeting of the NKVD.

Olga Semyonovna Kosheleva died March 6, 1939 in the Taganka prison, and was buried in an unmarked grave.

Abbot Damascene (Orlovsky) 
"Lives of the martyrs and confessors of the Russian twentieth century. February". 
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