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ROCOR-MP still waiting for MP to repent

The rebellious leader: the ROC again raised the question of the burial of Lenin

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The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR MP) on the centennial anniversary of the revolution raised the question of the burial of Vladimir Lenin's body, proposing to remove him from the Mausoleum on Red Square, and also to get rid of the revolutionary toponymy in Russia. The idea did not arouse unanimity among representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate, politicians and experts who disagreed on the need for such actions.
The Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCA MP) made a statement on Sunday stating that "one of the symbols of the reconciliation of the Russian people with the Lord could be" the liberation of Red Square from the remains of the main persecutor and tormentor of the 20th century and the crushing of the Monuments ". In the ROCA, the MP believes that in the same way "it is necessary to do with the names of cities, regions, streets, which to this day are deprived of their historical names." The text of the statement was announced in all parishes of the ROCA MP.
However, the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate did not comment on the document on the relationship between the Church and society and the media, explaining this by saying that the message "is addressed to the outside world and not to the interior of the Church." However, a month earlier the head of this department of the media, Vladimir Legoyda, noted that the survey on the further fate of Lenin's Mausoleum is not an "overprincipled moment" for the ROC, it "will be resolved over time in a natural and calm manner." According to him, it is necessary to "wait a little". 
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