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Schismatics: Beware of Receiving the Holy Gifts Unworthily

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St. Testimonies of the miraculous power of the Sacraments of Communion

One case:
This case took place in Urzhum Vyatka province.  In the local church there was a liturgy, and a crowd of communicants waited for the priest to come out from the altar with the Holy Gifts.  When the priest appeared with the Holy Chalice, he began, as usual, to read the Prayer of Prayer "I believe, Lord, and I confess," which the believers repeated after him in chorus.  During the reading, the priest's attention was drawn to a tall man who, especially loudly, screamed the words of prayer throughout the church.  When the communion began, this pilgrim also approached the Holy Chalice, but, having communicated, suddenly loudly cried out and stood on the left side before the icon of the Mother of God.  The priest noticed that he spat something into his hand, and immediately sent the deacon to find out what was the matter, and if the Holy Gifts were in his hand, then take action against the possible blasphemy.  When the deacon approached the strange communicant, then with amazement and in horror, he saw in the swollen hand of the last coal.  Those were the burnt Holy Gifts.  The worshiper's mouth was also burned to such a degree that he could not close it from severe pain.  It turned out that he was a schismatic who decided to start receiving the sacrament of Communion without first joining the Orthodox Church and even without confession.

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