After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Poisoning 2 of 3

Konstantine Prebrazhensky
Poisoning in the Church Abroad

1. For what poisoned Archpriest Lev Lebedev

Merging Russian Orthodox Church Abroad with the KGB-connected Moscow Patriarchate bears strong aftertaste of criminality.  KGB killed many of its priests, the best ones.  In the Russian emigration, some were aware of this, but preferred to keep quiet.  One - of false patriotism, others - because they themselves have worked for the KGB.  So I had to use all my experience as the former Soviet intelligence analyst to reconstruct the approximate picture of the events, interviewing a lot of people.

In late April 1998, in the building of the New York Synod of Russia Orthodox Church Abroad  Russian priest from Kursk, Archpriest Lev Lebedev died with the strange death.  He was a bitter opponent of merging this Church with the Moscow Patriarchate (ROCOR-MP union).  First Hierarch of Church Abroad, Metropolitan Vitaly, invited him to New York to address his bishops and to open their eyes to the fatality of this union.  But the eyes of bishops were already turned to Moscow.  They preferred to get rid of Metropolitan Vitaly and threw him away from his office.

Russian priest Lev Lebedev  arrived in New York in order to speak before the Synod of bishops, but was  found dead in a guest room of the building of the Synod, a day before the opening of the Bishops' Council on  May 5, 1998.  The former sub-deacon of Metropolitan Vitaly, Fr. Paul Iwaszewicz, told me that an unauthorized person could easily penetrate into this room through the balcony door.  Many of the young employees of the Synod did it very often, when they lost the keys to the front door.  Certainly this unknown newcomer was from KGB.  Who was the night guest Kursk Archpriest – hitman from the Russian Consulate in New York, covered there as sports organizer?  Or Russian illegal spy covered as immigrant?  The recent murder in London of Alexander Litvinenko (Nov 2006) shows that the KGB has a lot of ways.

Some of the witnesses of those events believe that Fr. Lev Lebedev was poisoned on the plane of "Aeroflot" on his way to New York.  Well, it happens sometimes, as "Aeroflot" as up to this day it remains a branch of the KGB, and journalist Anna Politkovskaya was also attempted to be poisoned in 2004 on the plane to her way to Beslan.

All power in the ROCOR Synod had already been captured by the pro-Moscow group by that time, and it has silenced the report of Fr. Lev Lebedev.  It was declared to be considered lost, but fortunately  found in one of private archives.  This can be seen as God's providence. The prophetic words of Archpriest Lev Lebedev are coming true in these days, when heretical Moscow Patriarchate began to crumble the  Church Abroad.  

     Here is the text of Archpriest Lev Lebedev's report:

 "Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. 1998, New York

    1. The current period.
     The world of mankind is more and more rapidly sinking into Sodom and Gomorrah, irresistibly moving towards the completion of the new tower of Babel - a new world order, or to the Antichrist.  It will be followed by the Second Glorious Coming of Christ. 

    2. Situation in Orthodoxy.
     It is particularly sad that the majority of once-Orthodox  church through ecumenical and inter-religious movement is actively drawn into the world and involved into the construction of the Ziggurat (center) of Babylon.  The only island remaining as island of the righteousness of God in this world until now is the Russian Church Abroad.  Other small islands standing in the truth are old Calendar Churches of Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and some adherents of Orthodoxy in other countries.

     3. The position of Moscow "patriarchy".
     Lawless (non-canonical) in its origin, the Moscow Patriarchate is a church organization which, (since 1927), under the guise of serving Christ is actively serving the Antichrist.  That is why it is not surprising, but quite natural, that the current MP is actively involved in completion of the construction of a new world order of Babylon, which is precisely and correctly stated in the "Address" of the Council of the  hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad of October 30 - November 12 in Yalta.

     Some bursts of anti-ecumenism sentiments in the bosom of the MP, as well as its individual protests by some priests against countless deviations from the truth are no more than weak convulsions of  dying or already dead body.

     All this is due to the fact that the current Russian-speaking population of the Russian Federation, including its Orthodox believers, has been  involved into the TOTAL FALTHHOOD, characteristic of people and time of the Antichrist described by Apostol Paul as God's punishment for the fact that they "did not receive love of the truth" (2 Thess. 2: 10-11).

     4. The situation of Russian-speakers in Russia.
     All Russian Orthodox people  (including about 80 million native Russians), or the whole Holy Russia, has been physically destroyed in the period from 1917 to 1945, just within 28 years!  

So the Lord gave to the Russian people through crucifixion on historical Calvary, a VICTORIOUS RESURRECTION into Heavenly Jerusalem Kingdom, thus withdrawing this people from the contemporary historical process. At the same time since 1917, and later, the Soviet Union was artificially cultivating  the so called  new "Soviet" people, or  "a new historical integrity", as the Communist party and government of the USSR called it in 1977.  But in fact this "new Soviet people" is not even the people, as there is no sense of unity, but only a conglomeration of Russian-speaking population, spilled in pieces after 1991, the year of dissolution of the Soviet Union. Therefore, apart from a very small remnant RUSSIANS ABROAD, THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE on the earth no longer exists.

     5. Status of the Russian-speaking believers.
     The Russian-speaking believers in Russia are characterized by the predominance of material interests over the spiritual ones, rogue nature of psychology, false faith, "fearfulness, little faith and disgusting". (Rev. 21.8). The witchcraft and sorcery are extraordinary widespread. Nobody is  looking for Christ and His truth, everybody is taking care of himself. The mostly eloquent is the fact, that after the 1990-1991, in the situation of genuine freedom of conscience in Russia, the massive, all-national return of Russians Christ and his did not happen.

Some minor upsurge of faith and the influx of young people in the Church takes place, but now they are decreasing. If not to inflate the data, today in the Russian Federation there is no more than 15-20 million Orthodox believers, and regularly attending church are half of them. According to the MP information, if in 1993 their income from voluntary donations of people was 43% of all their gross income, in 1997 they were only 6%! The rest money  MP is getting from usury, oil trading, vodka, tobacco, and other types of "business", including some very obscure foreign sources .

They also say that in Russia, and even among the adepts of MP, there are still many pious, zealously struggling in prayer and fasting people. But there are a lot of them among Catholics and Protestants in all Western countries too. But you should know that this is not the rays of sunrise, but the last rays of the sunset. Sometimes on a large garbage dump you can find antiques, icons, and even gold items, but it is not a palace or a temple, but namely garbage dump...

     100 years ago, in 1899, Archbishop Anthony (Khrapovitsky), referring to those of the Russian society of his time who has abandoned Church, wrote the following:
 "This is not a people any more, but a rotting corpse, which is regarding his rotting as a real life,  though  only moles, worms and pest insects  are living in them, because they could not find their greed and  source of life in the living body"(Thalberg, History of the Russian Church. Jordanville, 1959,p.831). At the  beginning of the current twentieth century, the rotting part of the Russian population was about 5-6%. Now, at the end of the twentieth century, it is 94-95% . The entire Russian Federation is a rotting corpse.

     6. The situation regarding the ROCOR MP.
     It is impossible not to recognize that this condition in the most of Russian population is consistent with apostasy, heresy and criminal status of the vast majority of the MP hierarchy as one of the "moles" or "worms", greedily devouring in a rotting corpse that is still possible to catch and eat.

     What similarities may be in such a case, between the Russian Church Abroad and the Moscow "patriarchy"? NOTHING! Hence, any "dialogue" or "interview" with the MP in order to clarify what divides us, and what unites, - this or the top or misunderstanding of the essence of things - a betrayal of the truth of God and the Church. Literally EVERYTHING is separating us! And NOTHING unites, except the appearance of the churches, clergy’s vestments and services rites (and even then not in all!)

Therefore, we must clearly recognize and formally approve that now Russian Church Abroad is not a part of the Russian Church, but the only one Russian Church in all its entirety! It is also necessary to understand that the Moscow "patriarchy" understands it very well too! That is why it is seeking recognition of itself, as it is (without giving up apostasy and heresy) from the Synod of the Russian Church Abroad. This "recognition" would give MP the VISIBILITY, or illusion, of full legitimacy in the eyes of the world. But this should not be allowed.

     Russian Church Abroad needs to abandon the dreams and illusions about the "revival" of Russia. If it would be not for some sort of extraordinary and unpredictable intervention of God in human affairs, and by His providence and allowance all will go as it is now, Russia will be finished. Let us pray God for not to fall with her into the abyss of perdition. We must now only firmly "keep what we have." And if you still sore about the souls of Russian in Russia, you should understand, the only by constant and firm denunciation of the MP, but not flirting with her, you can save in Russia those who are still looking for salvation and can accept it.

     It is therefore necessary to return to the position of intolerance of the MP, which was originally shared by the Russian Church Abroad.

     And you cannot, under the pretext of "benefit of the Church" and improving its "office work" shake the authority of the First Hierarch of ROCOR, who is able to distinguish truth from falsehood, and to distinguish spirits.

    Recently Russian Church Abroad has come upon a number of disasters, one after the other. Especially scary one is the murder of custodian of the Iberian myrrh-streaming icon, Joseph Muñoz, and concealing of the icon itself. Let us recall that the miracles of it started in 1982. Before that, in 1981, the ROCOR canonized as saints all Russian Holy New Martyrs, headed by the Imperial family. In 1983, the anathema to ecumenical heresy was proclaimed. It is clear that very fact of myrrh-streaming of Iberian Icon was a sign of God's approval of the solid state of the truth against all lies, including the lies of MP. But after some very uncertain decisions of Council of Bishops of 1993-1994 and follow-up of some of our bishops in the direction of rapprochement with the MP, such disasters began one after another, which is certainly an evidence of the retreat of God's favor to our Church for its deviation from the truth. How many more ills need to be brought on our heads of supporters of fraternization with criminal and heretical MP?"

Could KGB agents leave such a conclusion without punishment, I wonder?  Could it allow the ROCOR Archpriest Lev Lebedev to further continue his hostile activities?

No attempts were done to make the reason of his death clear, although medicine in New York is much better than in Kursk. Fr.Lev’s body was sent home with suspicious haste.

However, one unexpected event of the recent fall of 2010 shed further light on the circumstances of the death of Archpriest Lev Lebedev.

It was a sexual scandal concerning the monk Vsevolod Filipiev, who had come to Jordanville monastery in the early nineties from the Russian Federation and who became one of the main figures in the subordination of Russian Church Abroad to Moscow.

His biography is very strange. Here is how Wikipedia presents it:

• "He was born in Moscow on July 5, 1969 in a family of communists. In 1990 he entered the brethren of the Valaam monastery, where he became confessor of Hieroschimonk Raphael (Berestov). "

Involuntarily the question arises: what was he doing before twenty one?  What's his civilian profession?  Did he pass his military service as conscript, and if not, why?  By the way, monks in Russia are not released from conscription, or hundreds of thousands of recruits who want to escape the drudgery of military service would have rushed into Russian monasteries .  According to the existing rules in Russia, one must first serve in the army, pay other debts to the world, and only after that go to the monastery.  But this, alas, is covered with darkness of secret.  But the following paragraph of Wikipedia looks like an anecdote:

• "In 1992, fascinated by the books of Seraphim (Rose), he moved to the US, where he entered the brethren of Holy Trinity Monastery."

Let us, dear readers, all get fascinated with Seraphim Rose and all move to the US!  But will US accept us, that is the question!  All such inconsistencies, strange coincidences and silence say about the involvement of KGB.  In particular, by the age of 21, our hero could become a graduate of the KGB School, taking four years.  This may explain the lack of service in the army, because all Russian security services are military organizations. If you were taken to KGB school,  you become a military person and do not need to serve as a coscript.

It looks like in the Jordanville monastery they were waiting for him. Which is also quite possible, because by  that time it was already full of Soviet agents. By some unknown reason, Vsevolod Filipyev immediately became the right hand of the then Head of the ROCOR, Metropolitan Laurus, and was staying nearby him until the day of his death. 

After which monk Filipiev immediately left America and appeared in Moscow. And in October 2010, internet has published videos with scenes of his lapse from virtue and his phone conversations with prostitutes.  It turned out that he was suffering sadomasochistic complex and a number of sexually transmitted diseases, that he was whipping prostitutes and contacting them  with other men ...

Of course, for any civil person is not a scandal, but for the monk, especially well known ... These events showed that he was not a monk, but rather, just the operational intelligence officer.  Arriving in Moscow, at home, after successful completion of the task, he dropped the annoying cassock and relaxed. 

And is it a scandal for an intelligence officer?  Alas, yes!  In the current Russian secret services, who are now got free from Communist party moral control, the free love and sexual deviations are flourishing.  The late Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned in London in 2006, told me about this. But the officers are keeping their mouths shut. FSB is accused of everything possible, but not in sexual deviations.

But if intelligence officer allows himself to discuss his sexual relations with prostitutes on the phone, which can be wiretapped, it means that he has lost vigilance.  And this is unacceptable for an officer, and it must be stopped! I fully admit that compromising materials about Vsevolod  Filipev was leaked to internet by Foreign Intelligence Service.  So that other officers did not follow his suit.  But still it is a fatherly soft punishment.  And nobody tried to kill monk Vsevolod.

It is believed that after this monk hastily left Russia and hides his whereabouts, calling it a "monastic solitude."  Although he may well live quietly in Moscow in one of the secret flats belonging to KGB.

However, this scandal once again drew the journalists' attention to a very suspicious Filipiev family.  It turned out that the at the apartment of the lecherous monk, Archpriest Lev Lebedev spent his last night before the flight to America ... But  nobody in emigre circles has ever talked about it!

The monk Vsevolod’s mother, Tatiana Filipieva, for many years, was regularly flying to the United States from Moscow and was engaged in the affairs of the Church Abroad.  In her disposal were flights of "Aeroflot", where she worked as a psychologist …

That this fact seems very strange to me.  Tell me, dear readers, hand on heart, have you ever found among the personnel of international lines of "Aeroflot" any psychologist?  I - never.  I even did not hear about them, though I have worked at scientific and technical intelligence of KGB, which was closely connected to "Aeroflot".  There are very many KGB officers among the “Aeroflot” staff. Among them, I have had many friends who told  me not to be frank with “Aeroflot” employees as all of them were KGB informants. They warned me that during the   flight I should avoid any conversations with the stewardesses. KGB officers were questioning them after each flight, and they needed to report at least something!    Pilots are unreliable people too, told me my friends.  But they never mentioned any psychologists, flying abroad!

And do we really need a psychologist during the flight?  He will only occupy a seat, which could bring a lot of currency to our homeland.   If a certain stewardess unexpectedly suffers a psychological  problem during the flight, she will be simply dismissed from international flights, and another one will be appointed instead of her. That is the whole psychological issue.

Nevertheless, Tatyana Filipieva is really a psychologist, PhD.  She is widely known among the parishioners of the Russian Church Abroad, especially in Washington, and nobody is wondering why  she is flying here so frequently.  Yes, I admit that sometimes she is directed to inspect  international flights, but this issues are so rare! I think she was assigned to another object of work: the Russian Church Abroad.  It is clear that the KGB was very interested to see its Washington community through the eyes of psychologist, in order to find an appropriate contingent for recruitment ...

The well-known priest and writer, Mikhail Ardov, told me that during one of his flights to the United States in the late nineties, he met Tatiana Filippieva.  More precisely, she came up to him on the plane, seeing he was in the robe.

She said that her son was a monk.  Previously, he served on Valaam, in Russia, and now - in Jordanville monastery, in the USA.  Fr. Michael Ardov could not restrain an ironic smile.  Because such thing could not happen!..

But KGB monk, Filipiev, also has a stepfather.   As I was told by acquainted priests in Russia, he is a police chief.  But the police  dealing with foreigners! And such kind of police should be subordinated to the FSB.

- For our journal it was not a secret that Filipiev family has always been dominated by KGB, - writes the author of the newspaper "Right view", Vladimir Yulin, - Archpriest Lev Lebedev before his sudden death in New York City, has dined and spent the night in their Moscow apartment, and they took him to airport. 

They say that Fr. Lev lebedev could be poisoned there.

Tatiana Filipieva is not ashamed to write in her "Memoirs" of the last meeting with the "Father Lev" the following: "After arrival in New York father Lev Lebedev quietly, peacefully and painlessly rested in sleep of the just."  But let us now, that that under the new Metropolitan Hilarion monk Vsevolod Filipiev has headed a certain "Orthodox military mission" cooperating with the FSB, the army and Navy.  His connection with military structures became clear… 

- I wonder if we will know someday the names of those people, who are responsible for the martyrdom of the monk Jose (Joseph) Muñoz. As Vsevolod Filipiev, this werewolf in cassock, has publicly called himself a close friend of this martyr. And in whose hands is staying now the Iver Montreal Myrrh-Streaming Icon of the Mother of God, the greatest holiness of Russian abroad?"- Continues Vladimir Yulin"3

It turns out that the ubiquitous Monk Filipiev could be relevant even to the death of Jose Muñoz!  A bit much, is not it?

But from the point of view of the KGB is a great success.  I wonder what kind of decoration he was awarded?  I think that it was the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Intelligence officers are usually decorated with it. As for the disappeared Myrrh-streaming Iver Icon of Mother of God, then it may well be stored in the cellars of the KFB.  Its disappearance really caused confusion in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, which in some way contributed to the transition of its most part under the control of the KGB.

But let us get back to the FSB Mission in America.  On its behalf the participants of event in memory of memory of Metropolitan Laurus were congratulated. This Metropolitan Laurus was the traitor of the Church Abroad, and event was held on 14 April 2011 in Moscow, in the House of Russians Abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  

Vsevolod Filipiev was absent,  but however, from a place of his "monastic retreat," he sent his verse about “God-loving soul” of Metropolitan Laurus.  As if nothing had happened. It means that  soon he may show up and even in the US. Because as clergyman he became an American citizen without any problems!

2. Killing priests easily

The former sub-deacon of Metropolitan Vitaly, Fr . Paul Iwaszewicz, is sure that Archpriest Lev Lebedev had been poisoned. 

In 1986 Paul Iwaszewicz mistakenly ate poisoned food intended to Metropolitan Vitaly, whom the Kremlin also did not like and then finally got rid of him through its agents in the Synod.  Fr. Paul fainted, and a Russian doctor, who had examined him, confirmed poisoning.  But fortunately, Fr Paul was at that time 19 years old, and his young organism coped with poisoning.  But not totally! Even to this day Fr. Paul has to take stomach medicines.  And at the day of poisoning he was ordered to keep it secret. 

In 1970, the priest of the Australian and New Zealand Diocese of the Russian Church Abroad, Vladimir Evsyukov, became accidental witness to some operation of Soviet intelligence in the customs of the Australian city of Melbourne.  Father Vladimir was working there as a tenant. Like many other priests from poor parishes of the Russian Church Abroad he had to look for additional sources of income.

If he were a professional counter-intelligence specialist, he would have immediately reported where it is necessary, keeping his mouths shut for the others.  But Fr. Vladimir was a priest, and therefore spoke about what he saw with many of his fellows and even the bishop, and only after that he went to the police.

But the KGB intelligence network gave an immediate reaction, and Fr Vladimir Evsyukov’s car was rammed.  After that, its driver approached Fr. Vladimir, who was still alive, and made some manipulations over him.  Soon Fr Vladimir was found dead with his hand outstretched to the icon of St. Xenia.  Australian police did not find either the ramming car or its driver. I think it was one of the Soviet spies, illegals, the officer of Directorate "S" of the First Chief Directorate of the KGB.  Who knows, maybe I met him there and the Communist Party conferences ...

Then, in the seventies, the KGB killers were chasing the deacon of the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Buenos Aires, Fr. Peter Golofaev through the streets of Buenos Aires.  Born in 1921 in the Donbass in the family of repressed entrepreneur, he was a convinced anti-Communist. During the Second World War he has organized an armed group to fight against communism, and called it" The hunting team". Later they retreated with the German army and joined the 5th Regiment of Russian Corps headed by General Boris Shteifon.

Deacon Golofaev knew that in his motherland, USSR, he was sentenced to death, and therefore he was always on the alert.  He immediately recognized the Soviet murderers in the Argentinian crowd and ran away after they squeezed him into the ring when he was exiting the bus.  He managed to escape, but when he returned home, he found a poisoned needle in the folds of his leather coat.

In 1975, the Moscow Patriarchate’s Bishop in Holland, Dionysius of Rotterdam, has died.  Shortly before his death he gathered Dutch journalists and told them that he was leaving the Moscow Patriarchate to join the Church Abroad.  The reason was public statements by Soviet Patriarch Pimen saying that in the Soviet Union people are not persecuted for the faith.

His death was mysteriously related to Metropolitan of Sourozh, Anthony (Bloom), who was very well known  as intelligent and charming man.  During the Second World War, he fought in the detachment of guerilla rebels, subordinated to the French Communist Party and the NKVD.  At the end of the war, Soviet intelligence officers came in contact with him and advised him to establish a patriarchal parish in London, in order to report to the NKVD about the moods of White Russian immigrants living there. A future Metropolitan agreed, and soon he was promoted to the bishop of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Famous English religious writer, Vladimir Moss, told me about this case.  Shortly before the death of Bishop Dionysius of Rotterdam, Metropolitan Anthony told Vladimir Moss’s wife, Olga, that had to go to Holland to punish the bishop Dionysius, because he caused a serious crisis in the Church.

A few days later, Olga Moss arrived in the Netherlands too, and even met with the cell-attendant of Bishop Dionysius, Fr Arseny. Through tears he told her that he had left Bishop Dionysius alone after the liturgy just for a few hours, in order to visit her parents. And when he returned, he found the Bishop dead.

- Did you know that Metropolitan Anthony was visiting bishop Dionysius at that time? - Olga Moss asked.

- I had no idea! – exclaimed Fr Arseny in horror.

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom was a professional surgeon.  God knows how he used his skills over the bishop Dionysius of Rotterdam.  But the thing is that this charming man was also a KGB fighter.

However, the loudest event of this kind was the murder of the Primate of the Russian Church Abroad, Metropolitan Filaret, in 1985.  Convinced anti-communist and an implacable opponent of any rapprochement with the Soviet Red Church, he was like bone in the throat for KGB.

It can be seen based even on these prophetic words about Moscow Patriarchate, pronounced in far-away 1980: "But it is not the true Orthodoxy which spreading there.  Under the guise of Orthodoxy Russoan people is presented the rubbish of Eulogy’s split; the sects are flourishing there ,like Baptists and so forth. Official Church preaches cooperation with the godless authorities, strongly praising them.  True Orthodox Church is hiding in the Catacombs, hidden from the masses ... Is this "revival of Orthodoxy"?

3. Wrong son - father Potapov

The above mentioned words are taken from a letter from Metropolitan Filaret to Fr. Victor Potapov, the current rector of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Washington, DC and the main locomotive of transition of Orthodox Church Abroad under the authority of Moscow.  Then, in a stagnant and dismal 1980, Fr. Victor Potapov said that in Russia the Orthodoxy is resurrected from the dead.  In that year, I was KGB officer and knew very well that Orthodoxy was under our control and any kind of any resurrection of it cannot be even imagined. Soviet reality did not give any evidence inspiring Fr Victor to say so. Such a conclusion could only be imbued to him by Soviet Communists.  Yes, namely Communists, because non- Communists were not allowed to go abroad, which is not so much spoken nowadays.  So, the Soviet Communists had already worked with Fr. Victor.  And for more than a quarter of a century it was possible to achieve something.

Metropolitan Filaret forbade not only prayerful communion with the Soviet church, but even casual contact with the "Soviets."  He, like his successor in the post of the Primate, Metropolitan Vitaly, objected to the unauthorized trips of. Victor Potapov in the USSR as a correspondent of "Voice of America" and even, as they say, was going to bring him to the church court.

Both metropolitans were really prophetic. Because on arrival in the Soviet Union Fr Victor found himself completely at the disposal of only one agency, which was allowed to deal with the "anti-Soviet emigrant center", as the Church Abroad was called in the USSR. For all other citizens of the USSR contacting such people was dangerous.

And the name of this agency could be only one, KGB, and not the Moscow Patriarchate or “Intourist” tourist agency.  Not only the hierarchs of the MP, contacting Fr. Victor, were from the KGB, but also hotel maids and drivers, as well as those whom Fr. Victor simply could not see: officers of surveillance, phone and visual controllers. 

As well as he could not see the KGB officers, who drove his file, and their bosses to impose resolutions on it and reporting it to Yuri Andropov. Each Fr Victor’s visit in the Soviet Union provided a lot of work to "the invisible front fighters".  I am sure those files are kept even today.

Fr Victor Potapov for more than a quarter-century in the development of the KGB somehow escaped the attention of the American authorities with their misplaced political correctness.  The Soviet intelligence, on the contrary, was harshly suspecting any of its officers contacting Americans,  even at work.  That’s why we, its officers, feared to get acquainted with Americans abroad, because it promised us such a seal in our personal file: "This man was studied by the CIA". It  predetermined the end of career. KGB was much more strict about their employees than the CIA.

Fr Victor Potapov is an American civil servant.  My intuition of the former assistant to the Head of one of the braches of Soviet intelligence tells me that Fr. Victor presents the surrender of the Church Abroad to KGB Moscow as a kind of delicate operation, favorable for America.  Like the Church Abroad will be able to put pressure on the Patriarchate, and Patriarchate will put pressure on Putin and ... Alas, his words are accepted there "with a bang".

Father Victor Potapov is beneficial to the uncertainty of the historical moment. The famous Soviet satirists, Ilf and Petrov, in the twenties, described it as following: "The era of silent cinema ended, but the era of sound cinema has not begun yet". 

4. Ubiystvo Metropolitan Filaret

KGB was hunting Metropolitan Filaret for a long time.  In the early 80-ies, the Federal Bureau of Investigations warned him that the Soviets are going to shoot him in the Easter procession.  Metropolitan still took part in it, but the young sub- deacons protected him with their bodies, and many Russian emigrants then wondered why Metropolitan Filaret could not be seen.

In 1984, in the frame of myrrh-streaming icon of Montreal Iberian Mother of God, which is now lost,  a listening device was found. It looked like a few electrical batteries.  Experts from the US intelligence, called by Bishop Gregory (Grabbe), found it out.

But why this fact did not become publicly known?  Who was beneficial from this silence, except for the KGB?  After all, they listened to all the talks to be held in the Synod hall!  And only agents of the KGB, having access to this hall, could put “batteries” in a precious icon case.

And finally a tragic day of November 19, 1985, came.  Metropolitan Filaret and all the bishops then got stomach upset during lunch. Except for one, Hilarion, who dined separately.  However, a doctor, who was called to them, stated the flu, not poisoning.

Archdeacon Nikita Chakirov, a cell-attendant of Metropolitan Filaret, was diagnosed flu too. He was strictly forbidden to enter Metropolitan’s chambers.  As the result, Metropolitan Filaret was left there alone for the whole night.  And also there was not a single person at the Synod floor. It never happened so in the history of the Church Abroad.

Needless to say that the next morning Metropolitan Filaret was found dead.  He lay on the floor, and all around was covered by vomiting.  This could say about poisoning and provide invaluable material in establishing the cause of death.

Fr.Nikita Chakirov gave a loud shout upon seeing all this.  Hearing it, the first to rush in was Bishop Hilarion,  then and now openly working for Moscow.  First of all, he ordered Fr. Nikita Chakirov to leave the room.   After that, as I was told by many Russian immigrants, he carefully washed the floor, shifted the Metropolitan’s body on the bed and only after that called a doctor.  Of course, he verified death from heart failure.

Fifteen years later, the tomb of Metropolitan Filaret was opened, and everyone saw that his body did not corrupt. Many believers demanded the canonization, but the leadership of the Russian Church Abroad was already occupied by Moscow.  Metropolitan Laurus ordered to bury the body , and even added a blasphemous phrase: "let it rot, like everybody else."  Even distributing photos of incorrupt relics of Metropolitan Filaret was forbidden ... 

A.G. Shatilova, daughter of Bishop Gregory (Grabbe) and his long-term assistant for secretarial work at the Synod, told me that shortly before his death, Metropolitan Filaret found out that some bishops were deceiving him. Taking advantage of his lack of knowledge of the English language, they gave him wrong documents to sign. He was going to expose and even displace some bishops. But, as usual, death washed away all the traces.

But why Russian Church Abroad has merged with its murderers?  

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