After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Metr. Agafangel, "Hold what you have."

From Reader Daniel Sharing:
Brief comment response of Vladyka Metropolitan Agafangel, to a new historical -nostalgic article written by, in Lyons, France, Protodeacon Germain-Ivanov- 13, regarding the past better days of the old free ROCOR, etc: 

 Machine translation: 
Yes, for me, these are also difficult questions, for which there is no one answer. I think that the human soul  dies: "If the salt loses its strength, what will you do to restore  its saltiness? It is no longer useful. " Previously, among us were living people-examples, which we can and should imitate. Yes, they have all died out. As I  have written  before, and now I  still consider it to be true,  that the last real Russian bishop, was Metropolitan Vitaly. Yes, the bishops, from then to  - now, and  those  who were in the past, the real priests,  are extinct. They have not been replaced, and never will they come again,  as the river of life, is already different, the water that was in it, has gone  from us forever. At least we can remember some of them, for  the next generations? But now, we do not have human examples in life, and we shall  not have them, anymore. We can be saved only by being held in the bosom of Holy Tradition, preserving the canons and rules, as the precious covenant of our spiritual Fathers. "Hold what you have" is all that remains for us today. And- the hope of God's mercy
Metropolitan Agafangel

 Original Russian:
Да, для меня это тоже трудные вопросы, на которые нет одного ответа. Я думаю, что душа человеческая умирает: "Если же соль потеряет силу, то чем сделаешь ее соленою? Она уже ни к чему негодна". Раньше среди нас были люди-примеры, которым можно и нужно было бы подражать. Да все они вымерли. Я раньше писал, и сейчас считаю последним настоящим русским архиереем Митрополита Виталия. Да что архиереи - сейчас и священники настоящие вымерли. Им не пришла смена, и никогда уже не придёт - река уже другая, вода, которая была, ушла навсегда. Нам хоть можно кого-то вспоминать, а следующим поколениям? Нет у нас в жизни примеров, а у них - тем более не будет. Спастись можно, только удерживаясь в лоне Предания, сохраняя каноны и правила, как драгоценный завет наших духовных Отцов. "Держи что имеешь" - это всё, что нам сегодня остаётся. И надежда на милость Божию

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Joanna said...

Note sent to me from Reader Daniel:

Joanna, this is the source of that Met. Agafangel's comment (which comments, in general, are only visible, ON MY COMPUTER ANYWAY, under these Russian language articles on internetsobor, not the google-English)- Inbox
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And, this particular article by Protodeacon Germain, is not that other previous disgusting one, where he unfairly criticizes the Met., and appears to sympathize with the schismatics. Protodeacon Germain, being a long-time big idolizer of Met. Vitaly himself, [ which actually the Met., as he has previously written in past articles] takes a more balanced over-view of his pros and cons]. In this article the proto-deacon is simply lamenting the good ole days of the 0ld ROCOR, and Met. Agafangel is basically merely, politely, agreeing with him....though by not counter attacking/ or defending himself from the proto-deacon , for his recent rude & lamentable and untrue and unbalanced attack on himself, which was allowed to be placed on internetsobor, the Met. is showing Christian condescension, a high quality in an Orthodox bishop. Sadly, Met. Agafangel not long ago made two other kindly comments about our Lyons, France people and parish, having this proto-deacon in mind too: " I always feel loved and welcome and at home, when in am in the Lyons parish church!" And, "Thank God, that protodeacon Germain did not also go with this schism!"

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