After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Clarifying about Tennessee parishes now under the GOC

Clarification: Fr. Gregory Williams' parish in Liberty, TN, is under GOC care
    Fr. John Mahan's parish in Nashville remains in ROCOR.

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Joanna said...

A month before I even heard about Vl. Gregory's May 5 ukaz, I left Annunciation parish for a reason totally unrelated to their jurisdiction transfer to the Sister GOC,

I left Annunciation parish because, last August, Anastasia Williams lied to me. Her lying was deliberate and designed to manipulate me. I've known for years that Anastasia is controlling and manipulative, I used to just accept that as part of her personality. Controlling and manipulative I can deal with, but lying crosses the line.

I left Annunciation parish because Anastasia owns the property and the church building, and she does not want me there unless I will pretend her lying does not exist. I am unwilling to pretend. I would be doing her a disservice by pretending. I would be helping her to continue to lie.

I made my decision to leave Annunciation parish on August 26th, leaving it open and hoping to return if Anastasia repented. A month later, the weekend of September 23–24, I learned about the Ukaz and I met with Fr. John Mahan. This, by God's grace, gave me the opportunity to stay in ROCOR and have a full time priest. But, I want it to be clear that this option comes to me after the fact.

Anastasia remains unrepentant. And I am going forward with my new plans to help the worthy priest Fr. John Mahan serve in our ROCA.

Let there be no false rumors.

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