After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


The Power of Positive Thinking

Positivism:  the world's "religion"

1½ minute 
clip from true-crime show 
"Left for Dead"

"She is going to be found.  Until they tell me otherwise, that's what I believe."

Teri is missing.  She has been kidnapped by her evil x-husband.  The evil x-husband has been apprehended and taken into police custody.  He is being interrogated, but he pretends he can't remember what he has done with Teri.  The good husband, Nick, waits at home on pins and needles for news about his wife.  Is she still alive?  Until she is found dead, there is still hope that she is alive.  Keeping that hope is somehow the ultimate virtue, – a prized virtue, because somehow that hope even has the power to save a life.

Like, if you believe it enough -- then it is true. (?)   Somehow like the idea -- that if you believe strongly enough you can move mountains.   Didn't Christ say that?  You can make things happen with your mental "powers."  Your mental powers depend on your faith and belief (in whatever mental imagining you have).

How sad it is for people in the world living without the Church.  

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