After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Thanksgiving Greetings from DEP Psaltic Arts Group



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John-Peter Presson

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 8:57 AM

Every year, for some years now, around the Thanksgiving holiday, I ponder on a service (below) that was blessed by St. Tikhon of Moscow (and, really, Apostle to America) during his prolific missionary days as Bishop of San Francisco.  One thing that he was particularly struck by in the heyday of American culture, is that Americans set aside a particular day to give thanks to God for all that he has bestowed.  

DISCLAIMER:  This service does not, at present, have the blessing of our hierarchs for liturgical use, and is presented for contemplation purposes only.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

John-Peter Presson
Protopsaltis of the Diocese of Etna & Portland (ΓΟΧ)
Director of Liturgical Music -Holy Nativity of the Theotokos Cathedral -Portland, OR
Musicorum et cantorum magna est distantia, isti dicunt, illi sciunt quae componit musica. - Guido of Arrezzo
Published in 1901 with the blessing of St. Tikhon of Moscow

posted here:
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Sister Church bishop embarrasses ROCOR

GOC Bp. Moses hobnobs with Mountain View schismatics who espouse the "jurisdictional ecumenism" heresy

Vladyka Moses from the GOC again came to greet the heretics


ROCOR-MP priest gets away with rape

from Joanna's notepad
  I'm going public with my support of the victim.*  
    (The law determines family members are also victims.)

Julianna Stephens accuses ROCOR-MP priest Matthew Williams of raping her daughter in 2004; and she accuses Matthew's wife, Elizabeth, of assisting a cover-up by coercing her daughter (the victim) into silence.

   Julianna Stephens: former member of Agape Community, currently in GOA
   Fr. Matthew Williams: son of departed ROCOR (Agafangel) Archpriest Gregory Williams.  At the time of the rape he was a ROCOR deacon.  After he joined the ROCOR-MP, he received a ROCOR-MP ordination to the priesthood.

I know the persons involved and after several years of listening, questioning and considering, I am even more confirmed in my certainty that the accusations are true.

Julianna comes across as hysterical, but that is not an excuse to dismiss all she says.  Peeling away the overlapping layers of her grievances, and focusing only on the rape itself, it is clear to me that the rape did occur and that there was a cover-up.

In 2012, once she learned of the rape, Julianna filed a formal complaint with the ROCOR-MP Synod.  An investigation was ordered.  Elizabeth stepped up her harassing of the victim to keep silent and to deny it.  The investigation was thwarted because the victim, an adult by that time, would not come forward.

In 2013 Julianna filed a police report in Roswell, Georgia, where the crime took place; but since the victim does not want to go to trial, there is no case number assigned. 

In 2017 Julianna contacted  the Special Victim's Unit of the 1st Judicial District Attorney's Office in Golden, Colorado.   I'm not aware yet if there are any results. 

The victim, now in her late 20s, continues to suffer syndromic distress.  
She remains unwilling to press charges.

* The purpose of this post is to support the victim and not for punishing Matthew.  But if there is anything in here for Matthew, it is to call him to bring forth worthy fruits of repentance before Judgment Day.

St John Chrysostom Prosomia

DEP PSALTIC ARTS GROUP - St John Chrysostom Prosomia

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John-Peter Presson

AttachmentFri, Nov 24, 2017 at 10:09 AM

The following https://soundcloud.com/john-p-presson/stjohnchrysprosomia are a recording of the prosomia for the upcoming Feast of St. John Chrysostom -the prosomia is "As valiant among the Martyrs" set to the extended hiermologic melody (not the standard quick one).  I also included the Doxasticon.  The Dogmaticon is the one appointed (Who would not call thee blest) for the feast when it falls on weekdays (I believe we will be chanting the Plagal 4th Mode this Saturday evening).  My voice is a little ratty, but you should get the gyst of the interpretation.  

I also attached the score drafts thus far, as well as a staff notated score of the prosomia (for those who are not proficient).
John-Peter Presson
Protopsaltis of the Diocese of Etna & Portland (ΓΟΧ)
Director of Liturgical Music -Holy Nativity of the Theotokos Cathedral -Portland, OR
Musicorum et cantorum magna est distantia, isti dicunt, illi sciunt quae componit musica. - Guido of Arrezzo

I am unable to upload the PDF attachments onto the blog.  Protopsalti John or I can email them to you.

Reader Service Vespers and Typica

St. Herman Youth Retreat 2017

A bit of terrorist History in America WORTH WATCHING!

The War that started long before  9/11
US capture of Muslim Terrorists in the 1980s

Operation Goldenrod

NO WIN possible with a psychopath

from Joanna's notepad

The FBI Files _ Season 2 Episode 10 "Crime Spree"
    SEE minute 22:10 – 23:00

"Searching for anything that might help locate and stop the killer, investigators consulted an FBI Behavioral Profiler.   For the Profiler, the escalating pattern of violence was caused by Coleman's legal problems back in Waukeegan."  

paraphrased: "The Profiler noted the fact that Coleman had killed his newest victim the night before a court appearance on the charges of an earlier murder.  The timing of this newest murder indicated to the Profiler that Coleman was responding to the stress of the court apearance.  Coleman, until he was apprehended would continue to murder out of anger at those who are trying to stop him."

This typical psychopath characteristic is present throughout the whole spectrum* of psychopaths.
 1. The psychopath does something mean to the victim.
 2. The victim reacts (protests, or withdraws, or ignores, or complies).
 3. The psycopath uses WHATEVER the victim does or does not do as his excuse to inflict additional and/or greater harm. 

In other words, Coleman is going to continue to rape-murder whether detectives go after him or not.  But if the detectives do go after him, then Coleman blames the detectives, because in his mind, the fact that he is being pursued he interprets as an attack against him, and so it justifies his retaliation against 'the system' or 'the world' that is against him.  In his mind he becomes the victim.

*whole spectrum:  Psychopaths range from subtle psychological manipulators to violent physical torture-murders.

Photos shared on St. Philaret's feast Day

Sunday closest to St. Michael's Day
Mat. Irene and Katya

Fr. John Mahan

Video ROCOR skete (must see!)

Internet Sobor

ROCOR: Skete of the male monastic community in Khankai district (VIDEO)

Male monastic monastery in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "All the Sorrowful Joys" in the Khankaisk district of the Primorye Territory, in the village of Mayskoye , Bishop Vladivostok and Far East Anastasia are nourished .
The monastery's hermitage, Hieromonk Nikolai (Krasnikov), was awarded the right to wear a pectoral cross for many labors incurred in the skete by the decision of the Synod of Bishops of ROCOR.

12 minutes

Do We Have the Same God as Non-Christians?

Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, chapter I
also published in Orthodox Word #38 May-June 1971

I.  The "Monotheistic" 

By Father Basile Sakkas
Swiss Orthodox  Mission of St. Nectarios, Geneva

"The Hebrew and Islamic peoples, and Christians... these three expressions of an identical monotheism, speak with the most authentic and ancient, and even the boldest and most confident voices.  Why should it not be possible that the name of the same God, instead of engendering irreconcilable opposition, should lead rather to mutual repsect, understand and peaceful coexistence?  Should the reference to the same God, the same Father, without prejudice to theological discussion, not lead us rather one day to discover what is so evident, yet so difficult -- that we are all sons of the same Father, and that, therefore, we are all brothers?"

Pope Paul VI, La Croix, Aug. 11, 1970

Departure of Iveron Icon from Mt. Athos

St. Nilus Myrrh-streamer Prophesy

Source: issue #21 p. 149 of The Orthodox Word Magazine
for a copy of the complete article contact me: joannahigginbotham@gmail.com

A Mountain View response to ROCOR-GOC Joint Appeal to return from schism

from Joanna's notepad

This is a revealing response signed by Fr. Andrei Erastov who is representing his group.  First he maintains that he is not a jurisdictional ecumenist.  He truly does not understand why we keep saying he is a jurisdictional ecumenist, so he thinks we must be slandering or not listening to his denials.  But then he goes on to define what he does believe, and lo, it is a perfect definition of jurisdictional ecumenism!  I have highlighted it below.

A careful reading of this response reveals to me that there are basically two closely related core issues:
1. Mountain View's unclear concept of the Church, – seeing fragments as ok, whether they are in communion with each other or not.  
2. Mountain View's dislike and distrust of Metropolitan Agafangel.

All the rest of the complaints result from the perspective caused by the related core issues.  It would be distracting to focus on them until the main core issues are solved.  So, I suggest putting them on the back burner.

posted on Mountain View's ROCANA website:

A Response to the "Appeal" of the Odessa Council 2017
          The recently concluded Council meeting in Odessa chaired by Metropolitan Agafangel adopted a document under the intriguing title of "An Appeal to those who have Broken Away from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church." Who are these individuals who have "broken away" and what is it that they must do to rejoin the bosom of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church?
          In reading this Appeal, it becomes clear that the "broken away" refers to all Russian Orthodox people, and that in order for them to rejoin the Church, they need only to recognize the supremacy of Met. Agafangel over themselves. In other words, based on this "Appeal," it follows that Met. Agafangel's jurisdiction is the only one that is canonical and grace-filled, and all other jurisdictions are outside of the Church.
          "The Appeal to the Broken Away" begins with a solemn confession of the unity of the Church and a stern condemnation of the newly revealed heretics who teach "that the Church was supposedly divided into separate groups who possess equal grace." To an uninformed reader the question may arise of "who are these madmen who deny the unity of the Church?"
          About a year ago, Met. Agafangel accused Archbishop Andronik, Archbishop Sofroniy and their subordinate clergy, of a heresy of "schismo-ecumenism." In his words, we allegedly teach that the Church has been divided into fragments. Despite our repeated assurances, (for example see, 
http://vishegorod.ru/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1125&Itemid=44        ) 
that none of us teaches that the Church is divided, but on the contrary, that we believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, Met. Agafangel, as if not hearing our explanations, continues to charge us with this wild accusation. It would be useless to again and again respond to his accusations, which are nothing more than propaganda and malicious slander.
          To our great surprise, in addition to the bishops of the Odessa Synod, this "Appeal" was signed by three bishops of the Greek Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos. We consider this to be an act of great carelessness on their part. The names of bishops should not be included on a document containing falsehood and slander.
          Met. Agafangel's Synod is one of 16 groups, most of which claim that they are the only canonical and grace-filled Church, and that the other groups are all schismatic formations. Each of these groups calls to the others to join their solely canonical group. It is completely obvious that these appeals will never lead to anything.
          We see the path to unification as not requiring the subordination of all to one administrative center, but rather of all these groups beginning discussions on the possibility of establishing Eucharistic communion among themselves.
          We approach Met. Agafangel's group in a similar fashion. We have never broken our communion with anyone among the clergy subordinate to him and we do not reject Met. Agafangel's episcopal office. But we refuse to recognize him as our First Hierarch.
          Any division in the Church is a painful wound. However, our separation from Met. Agafangel is not a schism, and calling it such is just one more slander. Schism is a separation from the canonical leadership of the Local Church. At present, the Russian Church does not have a legitimate Supreme Church Authority. As has been repeatedly explained, the fundamental canonical basis of the Russian Church, upon which our church structure must be based, is Patriarch Tikhon's Decree No. 362. This Decree foresaw the destruction of the Supreme Church Authority and ordered Bishops to unite into Church Districts, but did not require the subordination of all to one center.
          At the January 2017 6th All-Diaspora Council in Mountain View, Archbishop Sofroniy presented a report in which he listed the numerous canonical and moral violations committed by Met. Agafangel. In his report, Abp. Sofroniy in particular cited a series of examples in which Met. Agafangel used slander to defame his opponents. In the short period of time since the 6th Council was held, this list has already been expanded with new cases of slander against Archbishop Andronik.
          For us, there can be no question of returning under the subordination of Met. Agafangel, primarily because he has thoroughly compromised himself through his unworthy behavior. A person of low moral standards should not occupy the post of First Hierarch.
          True Orthodoxy at the moment does not command respect, in large part because its bishops too often do not adhere to even basic moral principles, behaving as politicians and not as shepherds. Unfortunately, the lack of reaction from the Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos to the immoral actions of Met. Agafangel is diminishing the spiritual authority of that Synod.
Bishop Andrei

My comments on some specifics from the Response:

... to rejoin the Church, they need only to recognize the supremacy of Met. Agafangel over themselves.
Yes, there is one head of the Russian Church, the Third Rome, and whether you like him or not, and presently this head is Metr. Agafangel.

...We have never broken our communion with anyone among the clergy subordinate to him and we do not reject Met. Agafangel's episcopal office. But we refuse to recognize him as our First Hierarch.
This is where we can clearly see the dislike and distrust of Metr. Agafangel.

...Unfortunately, the lack of reaction from the Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos to the immoral actions of Met. Agafangel is diminishing the spiritual authority of that Synod.
This dampens my hopes that they will humble themselves before the Sister Churches.  With their unclear concept of the Church, they fail to see the Church Militant on earth manifest in our Sister Churches, of which Christ is the Head.