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NO WIN possible with a psychopath

from Joanna's notepad

The FBI Files _ Season 2 Episode 10 "Crime Spree"
    SEE minute 22:10 – 23:00

"Searching for anything that might help locate and stop the killer, investigators consulted an FBI Behavioral Profiler.   For the Profiler, the escalating pattern of violence was caused by Coleman's legal problems back in Waukeegan."  

paraphrased: "The Profiler noted the fact that Coleman had killed his newest victim the night before a court appearance on the charges of an earlier murder.  The timing of this newest murder indicated to the Profiler that Coleman was responding to the stress of the court apearance.  Coleman, until he was apprehended would continue to murder out of anger at those who are trying to stop him."

This typical psychopath characteristic is present throughout the whole spectrum* of psychopaths.
 1. The psychopath does something mean to the victim.
 2. The victim reacts (protests, or withdraws, or ignores, or complies).
 3. The psycopath uses WHATEVER the victim does or does not do as his excuse to inflict additional and/or greater harm. 

In other words, Coleman is going to continue to rape-murder whether detectives go after him or not.  But if the detectives do go after him, then Coleman blames the detectives, because in his mind, the fact that he is being pursued he interprets as an attack against him, and so it justifies his retaliation against 'the system' or 'the world' that is against him.  In his mind he becomes the victim.

*whole spectrum:  Psychopaths range from subtle psychological manipulators to violent physical torture-murders.

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