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ROCOR-MP priest gets away with rape

from Joanna's notepad
  I'm going public with my support of the victim.*  
    (The law determines family members are also victims.)

Julianna Stephens accuses ROCOR-MP priest Matthew Williams of raping her daughter in 2004; and she accuses Matthew's wife, Elizabeth, of assisting a cover-up by coercing her daughter (the victim) into silence.

   Julianna Stephens: former member of Agape Community, currently in GOA
   Fr. Matthew Williams: son of departed ROCOR (Agafangel) Archpriest Gregory Williams.  At the time of the rape he was a ROCOR deacon.  After he joined the ROCOR-MP, he received a ROCOR-MP ordination to the priesthood.

I know the persons involved and after several years of listening, questioning and considering, I am even more confirmed in my certainty that the accusations are true.

Julianna comes across as hysterical, but that is not an excuse to dismiss all she says.  Peeling away the overlapping layers of her grievances, and focusing only on the rape itself, it is clear to me that the rape did occur and that there was a cover-up.

In 2012, once she learned of the rape, Julianna filed a formal complaint with the ROCOR-MP Synod.  An investigation was ordered.  Elizabeth stepped up her harassing of the victim to keep silent and to deny it.  The investigation was thwarted because the victim, an adult by that time, would not come forward.

In 2013 Julianna filed a police report in Roswell, Georgia, where the crime took place; but since the victim does not want to go to trial, there is no case number assigned. 

In 2017 Julianna contacted  the Special Victim's Unit of the 1st Judicial District Attorney's Office in Golden, Colorado.   I'm not aware yet if there are any results. 

The victim, now in her late 20s, continues to suffer syndromic distress.  
She remains unwilling to press charges.

* The purpose of this post is to support the victim and not for punishing Matthew.  But if there is anything in here for Matthew, it is to call him to bring forth worthy fruits of repentance before Judgment Day.


Joanna said...

Interesting, if the victim is alive and won't testify, the rapist is not charged with rape.
But if the victim was KILLED, then the rapist is charged with rape (and murder).

Joanna said...

I did not realize it until the next day, but I posted this on the eve of the Feast Day of the Holy Apostle Matthew.

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