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Sister Church bishop embarrasses ROCOR

GOC Bp. Moses hobnobs with Mountain View schismatics who espouse the "jurisdictional ecumenism" heresy

Vladyka Moses from the GOC again came to greet the heretics




Vladyka Moses from the Greek CPI again came to greet the heretics

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel inc. 26 November 2017. Published in the CPI of Greece (Number of views: 449)
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Statement of the First Hierarch of the ROCA Metropolitan Agafangel

As the heretics of the parasynagogue of archbishops Andronik and Sophronia, who were banned in the priesthood, reported on their website, last Sunday, November 19, the hierarch of the Greek CPI, Metropolitan of All Canada, Moses visited and "supported" the heresy and schism in Toronto, Canada:

"The real surprise was the appearance in the refectory of Bishop Moses of the Greek True Orthodox Church, to which the audience performed" Ispolla these despots "-" For many years, Vladyka! "Yuri Lukin expressed his gratitude to Vladyka for his support, not without excitement."

Our Russian Church Abroad does everything it can to overcome the split in the Russian Church and, above all, to eradicate a new kind of ecumenical heresy that has arisen in the Russian and other old-style churches. In this very delicate matter, we listen attentively to the opinion of our brothers in Christ of the Old Calendarists - the Churches of Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, and we are trying to accomplish jointly and circumspectly the newly-born ecumenical heresy in order to confuse the flock entrusted to us by God as little as possible. The fact that the heretics supported by Metropolitan Moses, whom we respected, was for us (as, incidentally, for the heretics themselves, they said), a "surprise" and a complete surprise, and caused great embarrassment and perplexity among our flock. In addition, this event directly affects the inner and sacred life of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

I hope that Vladyka Moses will somehow explain this "support" to the heretics. Otherwise, our Synod will be forced to make a special definition for our flock, regarding the everyday communication of some hierarchies of the Greek CPI with heretic ecumenists, since this fact very much embarrasses all our clergy who have remained faithful to the patristic anti-ecumenical Orthodoxy.

+ Metropolitan Agafangel

John Peter Presson, Protopsaltis said...

Gee -With the money spend hobnobbing, the bishops could get behind a really effective Byzantine music program. When will that ever happen?!


As far as I understand it, the bishops get their expenses paid by the parishes they visit. In this case it appears that the GOC Met. Moses had and has no business by causing scandal and visiting a group of unrepentant schismatics that separated themselves unlawfully from Metropolitan Agafangel and the true ROCA, which is a sister church in communion with the GOC. I hope the GOC will deal with him in a manner befitting his lack of good judgment insulting Met. Agafangel. BTW, whats this have to do with Byzantine music ?

Joanna said...

What a terrible waste of money. But if it was the schismatics who wasted their money, well, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the waste and abuse of their resources used to cause a schism.

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