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Historical Documents of MP Establishment

Reader Daniel comments:

Directive NKGB USSR on the establishment of the ROC MP from the archive of the Security Service of Ukraine

Author: Internet Cathedral incl. . Published in The Moscow Patriarchate (Views: 348)

Pictures on request patriarch sergey stargorod
Directives of the NKGB of the USSR on the creation of the Russian Orthodox Church and on the renovationists from the archives of the SBU

Top secret.


On the 8th of September this year In Moscow, a meeting was held of the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church (Tikhonov-Sergius orientation), who elected Metropolitan Sergius (STRAGORODSKY) "the patriarch of Moscow and All Russia" and formed under him the Holy Synod consisting of 6 people, including: Metropolitan of Leningrad Alexis (Simansky) , Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia Nikolai (YARUSHEVICH), Archbishop Sergiy (GRISHIN) of Gorky and Arzamas, Archbishop of Krasnoyarsk Luka (WAR-YASINETSKY), Archbishop of Yaroslavl, John (SOKOLOV) and Archbishop Alexis of Kuybyshev (PALI NH).

In connection with the fact that during the 2 years of the Great Patriotic War the Russian Orthodox Church conducted significant patriotic work in the USSR and abroad, the Government found it expedient to resolve;

a) the opening of theological courses for the training of clergymen;
b) the bishops, on their own initiative, put before the local authorities the issue of opening churches and administering church parish money;
c) the opening in the dioceses of enterprises for the manufacture of candles and other items of small church use;
d) publication of a journal titled "Journal of the Moscow Patriarchate", the first issue of which was published on September 12, 1943 (the journal is attached).

In order to carry out the connection between the government of the USSR and the "Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia" on the questions of the Russian Orthodox Church demanding the permission of the Government of the USSR, the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR decided to organize, under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, the Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church (Decision No. 993 of the 14th- September 1943).

The procedure for resolving questions about the opening of churches, the creation of theological courses and other intra-church issues, will be determined by the Council on the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church under the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and brought to the attention of local executive bodies in the near future.

In accordance with the foregoing, in the further work on the clergy, the NKGB organs must be guided by the following:

1. Do not prevent the clergy from enforcing the official decisions of Patriarch Sergius and the Synod concerning appointments and transfer of priests to dioceses, the opening of theological courses, candle factories, and the distribution of printed publications of the Patriarch and the Synod.
2. At the same time, ensure unrelenting agency monitoring of the activities of bishops and the rest of the clergy of the Orthodox Church, preventing possible attempts on their part, exceeding the rights granted to them or using these rights for anti-Soviet purposes.
3. Each newly opened church should be provided with a trusted agent from the clergy or church asset.
4. Until the special instructions of the USSR NKGB to prevent the collapse of the renovation church and the transition of the renovation clergy to the Moscow patriarchate, by giving appropriate instructions to our agents from among the leading members of the clergy.
Do not allow any renewal or any active hostility against the Sergius Church.
5. Strengthen the agency work among other church movements and sectarians, especially on illegal church organizations and groups, stopping possible provocations and attempts to intensify anti-Soviet work on their part in connection with the decisions taken against the Sergius Orthodox Church.

With this instruction, acquaint the first secretaries
The Central Committee of the Communist Parties of the Union Republics of the Territorial and Regional Committees of the CPSU (B.).


(a copy was kindly shared by the Ukrainian historian Roman Skakun)

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