After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY



I am stunned not just speechless, but also breathless.  This is so "below the belt."  I am frightened for St. Nicholas unable to fathom the depth of his sorrow.

• Fr. Elias Warnke joined the schismatics who devastated our beloved ROCOR



So first the GOC's Metropolitan Moses visits the Schismatics of Mountain View and smiling shamelessly greets and blesses them to their delight. Then when I write to him for an explanation he replies rudely telling me I know nothing (translation being I'm stupid and don't deserve an explaination) and that he doesn't answer to me (translation being I,and anyone else, in the GOC shouldn't ask him why because he's so high and mighty and that I'm just pond scum). Then he end his reply by wishing me a Good Nativity, as if I should be happy he "blessed" me ( actually I told a former HOCNA priest about this and he replies that I should be thankfull he took the time to write me back and that he saw nothing wrong with Met. Moses's answer and also that he even "blessed me"! (I guess the HOCNA mentality is just impossible to shake off, Iv'e seen it in other former HOCNA people too)
So now this priest Fr. Elias, who had joined the GOC and now leaves and joins himself with these Schismatic's taking the Myrrh Steaming Icon of St. Nicholas with him. The ecstatic Schismatics now claiming on their website that they are sister churches with the GOC ! I wonder did this priest obtain a canonical release from the GOC, and if so, why ? Also why is the GOC still silent about this insult to Metropolitan Agafangel and ROCA made by Met. Moses, and by the deposed Schismatic's of Mountain View who are calling themselves "ROCA North America", in order to further confuse the naive and by claiming they are in communion (!) with the GOC ? I am so upset by the GOC bishops,in Greece and America,for not issuing a condemnation of these events, especially by Metropolitan's Demetrios and the former SIR Metropolitan Chrysostomos and Bishop Auxentios of Etna who were in communion with Met. Agafangel's ROCA before these former HOCNA people came into the GOC. Why are they silent while the true ROCA is continually assaulted ?

Joanna said...

Ahem! GOC is not "in communion" with the schismatics. It is just a few foolish ones committing adultery.

My daily prayers include: "...Forbid it Lord that we should be infiltrated or enter into a false union. Enlighten us with a clear concept of the Church and keep us from jurisdictional ecumenism. Guard our Sisterhood...." (I also pray that ecclesiastical authority be taken away from Etna.)

So, this situation is very sad for me also. But God is allowing it. I just thank Him that I am still in ROCOR and that I recognize her and that my Metropolitan and bishops are steadfast. Thank God for Vl. Agafangel and Vl. Gregory and my priest Fr. John (Mahan). To these we can truly sing, "Many Years!"

There is another priest I know, formerly ROCOR and now in the GOC, who could be tempted to join the Mountain View schism... This fiasco might not be over. I hope my fears are wrong.

Sianyc said...

What does Met Agafangel believe and GoC about the numerous other Russian synods that are in schism from each other do they profess these other Churches as graceless and what day time hour year did they lose Grace of the Holy Spirit, ie Roac Rtoc, Rocie, RocorV Rocor America etc what about GOC when do they believe the other 20+ Greek Synods outside world Orthodox that they are schism from became graceless and not the Church of Christ? Ie Mathewites, Laminas, Makarios, Milan Synod, etc And finally Joanne for my understanding of the official confession of faith of GoC and it's sister Churches they are in communion with do they believe World Patriarchates are Graceless what day hour time year did they become graceless? Thank you for any help you Can provide in discernment of the confession of faith on graceless and grace filled synods as viewed by GoC and its sister Churches.

Sianyc said...

What is the official ecclesiology of the Goc Agafangel on World Orthodox Patriarchates and those Synods outside World Orthodox Patriarchates they are not in communion with? Who do the Goc Agafangel believe is grace filled and graceless not the Church and what day hour time year did these synods become graceless ie GoC Mathewites GoC Laminas, GoC Gregory Denver, Milan, Rocie Rtoc, Roac, Rocor America, Rocor V, Lamians, Macarius etc and World Orthodox Patriarchates.Any info would be much appreciated and helpful.

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