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Yes, Mountain View Schismatics are Heretics

from Joanna's notepad
 This editorial is prompted by a commentator's criticism of us on facebook (True Orthodox Nashville ROCA Non-ecumenical) 

A ROCOR critic on Fr. John's facebook got a bee in his butt because in a machine-translated post taken off Internet Sobor, Vl. Agafangel refers to the Mountain View schismatics as "heretics."

The Mountain View schismatics are heretics – (heresy of jurisdictional ecumenism) – but that is not the reason they are banned from serving.  The reason they are banned from serving is because of their schism.  

The fact that they are heretics has nothing to do with the ban.  They were revealed as heretics after the fact.  Schismatics always fall into heresies sooner or later.  Because being outside the Church they are cut off from that vital connection which allows for holy discernment.  They have little chance to discern the boundaries of the Church when they are outside of Her.

What is the heresy of the Mountain View schismatics?  Jurisdictional ecumenism.  They believe that all the R-fragments should be kept intact and go in communion with each other, INCLUDING our ROCOR under Vl. Agafangel (!)  To the jurisdictional ecumenist, our ROCOR is just another R-fragment equal to RTOC, ROAC and ROCIE.

Also the ROCOR critic asked:
    What article of Faith do the Mountain View schismatics deny that reveals they are in heresy?  
Answer: Ecumenism is a heresy can be traced back to the violation of this article of Faith in our Creed:

There is only one true religion.
There is only one true Christianity.
There is only one true Orthodoxy.
...and there is only one true ROCOR.  You can't divide the Pearl.  Only ONE group calling itself ROCOR has the Pearl. 

Ecumenism has been officially decreed to be a heresy.  Those who espouse ecumenism, on any level, can be called heretics whether or not they have been officially declared heretics and excommunicated by a canonical synod.  Many people do not fully understand the jurisdictional ecumenism heresy, why it is a heresy, –– but that does not make them heretics just because they are confused about a heretical concept.  What makes a heretic is ones like  vl. Andronik and vl. Sophrony who teach, promote and practice their heresy.  

Just as the heresy of ecumenism seems so "nice" and "Christian" and "loving" to many people, so the the heresy of jurisdictional  ecumenism seems good to many people.  But remember what we were taught by our Jordanville fathers of the previous generations:

Ecumenism is the heresy of all heresies.
It is the most prevalent heresy of our times.
It is the most devastating heresy of all times.
It is an umbrella over all heresies.  
It combines all the heresies into one.
It is the final heresy of the end times. 
Even the elect could be fooled. 

Next, it is important to note that the Mountain View schismatics did not go into schism over the issue of jurisdictional ecumenism.  That was not the reason.  The hidden purpose is to destroy the true ROCOR and a schism is a means to that end.   Finding excuses for their schism came after the fact. 

Jurisdiction ecumenism, if realized, would destroy the ROCOR without any schism involved.  If ROCOR would go into "communion" with even one of the R-fragments, on that very day ROCOR would cease to exist.  This is why Vl. Agafangel has always refused to go into communion with any of the R-fragments until/unless they are "regularized" with which he is always ready to help them. 

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