After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


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Counterfeit Remnant ROCOR blog

     This counterfeit blog, owned by Joseph Suaiden of NFTU, is "very anti-ROCOR."  It was founded on a premise recognized to be a form of ecumenism -- the erroneous idea that all the Russian schisms are valid parts of the real Russian Church, and, hence, should be in communion with each other.

     It was noted by Reader Daniel in 2014 that Suaiden's "look-alike blog" is also "very anti-GOC/SIR."  The GOC recognizes one Russian Church.  Same for the Old Calendar Bulgarians and the Old Calendar Romanians.   None of the Sister Churches recognize any of the Russian schisms, including the latest intra-ROCOR Mountain View schism.  

Counterfeit: Essentially a product that is identical to another
product, and thereby infringes upon the trademark of that product mark
(trademark). These are typically sold online, and via street corner
and back-alley vendors.

Suaiden's counterfeit blog: remnant-rocor.blogspot.com

Suaiden says:
With the union of 2007 between a part of the ROCOR and the Moscow Patriarchate, it appeared ROCOR as a whole had fallen.  But the truth is that Bishops of the ROCOR in Russia (the FROC) and Abroad had been fleeing the communion of the ROCOR to protect the raith since 1994...  This is their story....

Suaiden says:
Truer Words Never Spoken
There are other Synods having as equal, or greater claim to be the "continuer of ROCOR" –– that is, ROAC, ROCiE and RTOC.  Without going into a detailed analysis of the canonicity of these Synods, we know that they all reject the MP as graceless, which Agathangelus does not.  Therefore they, and not Agathangelus, are in accord with the confession of faith of the last two first-hierarchs of ROCOR, Metropolitan Philaret and Vitaly. ––
Vladimir Moss, in his excellent essay here

ROCOR-MP priest Valery Lukianov passed away May 25

Howell, New Jersey

last photo of Fr. Valery and Fr. Wsewolod, August 2015
sent out on the Dutikow emailing list

This morning (25/05/2018), one of the most famous clergymen of the Russian Church Abroad, the Protopresbyter, died.

Born in Shanghai on December 21, 1927 in Shanghai in the family of Simeon Mikhailovich and Zoya Stepanovna Lukyanov. He said that his ancestors from Voronezh. From an early age was under the spiritual guidance of John of Shanghai and San Francisco.
The Lukyanovs' family lived in a French concession, which along with the English and Chinese constituted the division of the city. In 1934, Valery went to the Franco-Russian school, all of whose students were Russian. In 1938, after receiving his father's work in the English zone, Valery moved to study at the English gymnasium of St. Francis.
In 1949, ties with the seizure of China by the Communists were evacuated to the island of Tubabao (Philippines). September 23, 1950 arrived in the United States.
In 1955 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Construction of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Received a license of a professional engineer in New York and New Jersey. Until the end of 1968 he worked as an engineer in the construction industry.
On February 21, 1963, in the St. Sergius Church of the Synodal Building, Archbishop John (Maksimovich) of the Western European and Brussels, was ordained deacon.
On January 15, 1967, in the Seraphim Church of the city of Si-Clif, Metropolitan Filaret (Voznesensky) was ordained priest .
On November 1, 1968, Metropolitan Filaret (Voznesensky) was appointed rector of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Lakewood (New Jersey). Using his secular education of the architect, he designed and built a magnificent cathedral, a new church house, a parish school building and a house for the clergy.
In 1974 he was a member of the III All-Diaspora Council.
In 1975, in absentia, he graduated from the Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville with a bachelor's degree in theology. His influence on the formation as a pastor, teacher and spiritual leader was taught by the Holy Trinity Seminary Archbishop Averky (Taushev) and Archimandrite Constantine (Zaitsev).
Since 1978 - Dean of the Eastern American Diocese.
In 1986-1987, for about a year, he was the head of the Russian Orthodox Mission in Jerusalem, restored the economic and political situation of the ROCOR monasteries.
In May 2006 he was a member of the IV All-Diaspora Council (as a member of the III All-Diaspora Council).
O. Valery is the author of many books, the builder of a magnificent cathedral in Lakewood. He was an opponent of unification with the MP and did not commemorate her patriarchs. Only senility, he said, made him not break with the apostates.
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 RE: Protopresbyter Valery Lukyanov died - hieromonk Nikandr 26.05.2018 17:14
Biography of the priest includes almost the entire history of the ROCOR! And it's a pity that in the end it happened, probably it was God's admission.

Sermon on the Holy Spirit

St. Philaret of Moscow

"They who are not born of the Spirit of God, are ever striving to find in their very defects something great."

Sermon XIII On the Gifts of the Holy Ghost

The Role of Evil in Human Evolution


by David Ash
Chapter 11
The Bankers

The author's religious philosophy is way out there and typical of heterodox chiliastic evolutionism, but his observations and his facts point to what our Orthodox Church knows about the Mystery of Iniquity: that even in Christ's time the Mystery of Iniquity already doth work and that before Antichrist appears all the wealth in the world will be in the hands of a few.  Well here we see the evil one's plan unfolding -- why else did all these rich guys, not even Russians, want to have the Tzar overthrown and for Russia to have a revolution?

from pages 180 - 183:

. . . It is 'the bankers' and not the people who have the final say in modern Deocracies like America.  They have  power through the media to dictate public opinion.  Through propaganda . . .

. . . Meanwhile, Jacob Schiff financed Leon Trotsky.  According to The New York Journal-American of February 3, 1949, Jacob's grandson, John Schiff, is said to have remarked:

"The old man sank about $20 million for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia."

In Czarism and the Revolution the White General Arsene de Goulevitch wrote:

"The main purveyors of funds for the revolution, however, were neither the crackpot Russian millionaires nor the armed bandits of Lenin.  The 'real' money primarily came from certain British and American circles, which for a long time past had lent their support to the Russian revoluntionary cause... The important part played by the wealthy American banker, Jacob Schiff, in the events in Russia, though as yet only partially revealed, is no longer a secret."

De Goulevitch went on to quote General Alexander Nechvolodov:

"In April 1917, Jacob Schiff publicly declared that it was thanks to his financial support that the revolution in Russia had succeeded.  In the spring of that same year Schiff commenced to subsidize Trotsky... Simultaneously Trotsky was being subsidized by Max Warburg and Olaf Aschberg of the Nye Banken of Stockholm... the Rhine Westphalian Syndicate, and Jivotovsky, whose daughter later married Trosky."

De Goulevitch also stated:

"Mr. Bakhmetiev, the late Russian Imperial Ambassador to the United States, tells us that the Bolsheviks, after victory, transferred 600 million voubles in gold between the years 1918 and 1922 to Kuhn, Leob & Co."

According to Gary Allen in None Dare Call it Conspiracy:

"Schiff spent millions to overthrow the Czar and more millions to overthrow Kerensky.  He was sending money to Russia long after the true character of the Bolsheviks was kown to the world.  Schiff raised $10 million, supposedly for Jewish war relief in Russia, but later events revealed it to be a good business investment." (B.C. Forbes, Men Who Are Making America, pp 334-5.)

Schiff's participation in the Bolshevik Revolution, though quite naturally now denied, was well known among Allied Intelligence services at the time.  This led to much talk about Bolshevism being a Jewish plot.  Te result was that the subject of financing the Communist takeover of Russian became taboo.  Later evidence indicates that the bank-rolling of the Bolsheviks was handled by a syndicate of international bankers, which in addition to the Schiff-Warburg clique, included the Morgan and Rockefeller interests.  Documents show that the Morgan organization put at least $1 million in the Red revolutionary kitty (pp. 71–72)... The Reece Committee which investigated foundations for Congress in 1953 proved with an overwhelming amount of evidence that the various Rodkefeller and Carnegie foundations have been promoting socialism since their inception.  (See Rene Wormser's Foundations: Their Power and Influence, Devin Adain, New York, 1958, p. 62)...

Still another important financier of the Bolshevik Revoltion was an extremely wealthy Englishman named Lord Alfred Milner.  De Goulevitch stated:

"In private interviews I have been told that over 21 million roubles were spent by Lord Milner in financing the Russian revolution..."

MOVED Chronicles of the Russian Land


Yankee daughter elopes with Hillbilly boyfriend

Yankee parents go visit their daughter who had ran away with a redneck boyfriend.  The Dad brings his video recorder and tapes their first meeting of the new son-in-law.

America is Great Again

"America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail."

St. David Psalmist

Illustration found on p. 22 of Psalter for sale from Jordanville (ROCOR-MP)

OCA summary of Orthodox History USA

Do we laugh or cry or shudder?

OCA summary of their world-orthodox version 
of Russian Orthodox history in America.

and unintentionally revealing of MP's historic repeat pattern of take-over

taped: May 15, 2014  at OCA convent in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
talk given about OCA Metropolitan Leonty [buddy of Schmemann] who died in 1965
          [After Bolshevick Revolution  MP sued for properties.  Pennsylvania had over 100 cases in court.]
        [After WWII Russia is free! Hitler defeated!, So Metropolia should become part of MP again.]

starts 1:17:37  -  ends 1:32:40

Probably the speaker got his outline from here: