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R-fragment RTOC plans to Anathematize Darwinism

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# RE: RTOC: Report on the meeting of the Synod of 2018 - Metropolitan Agafangel 11.06.2018 14:08
I read this, and do not believe in my eyes ...

# RE: RTOC: Report on the meeting of the Synod of 2018 - Hieromonk Nikandr 11/06/2018 17:34
And here is another heresy is such - idiocy, also awaits to be anathematized.   :)

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Joanna said...

LOL. Supercorrect will anathematize anything. What next? Genetic homos? Political Correctness? Honest, this post was not meant to be humorous, but it is hilarious.

There is something to this, though. Because so far ROCOR has never come out with a policy on Darwinism. We have members that do not know the Church teaching on creation. We have other members who know, but take exception to the 7 days being 24-hour days. We can point to what St. John S&SF taught, and to what Fr. Seraphim Rose taught. But still we had bishops and have priests who taught/believe otherwise. It goes unchecked and uncorrected.

And this is a shame, because to see the subject of Creation as the Holy Fathers saw it, (before Darwin was even born), requires a childlike level of innocence and trust that opens more the heart to God. So we should strive to accept the teaching on creation as Moses presented it. Fr. Seraphim's book, "Genesis, Creation, and Early Man" is towards this end.

Fr. Seraphim was taught creation by Bp. Nektary Kontzevich under the supervision of St. John Maximovitch in the academy St. John established for Fr. Seraphim's seminary education. Anyone who argues with Fr. Seraphim is arguing with St. John also.

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