After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ... then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Union Woes ROCOR-MP increased financial debts

C o l o r f u l    Q u o t e
o f    t h e    D a y

 "Calling now to the members of ROCOR-MP to come out of the MP, is like calling a rabbit to return from, to come out of, the stomach of a boa constrictor which has already swallowed it.

 It's over/too late!, - the rabbit has already been digested and has become a part of the body/flesh of the boa constrictor"

~ Vladyka Agafangel    2018July27

Machine Translation with human grammatical corrections and clarifications.

 ROCOR-MP: its clergy and its 'financial exchange' with the MP – since the union debts have sharply increased.
Yury Soldatov  2018 July 27 

     Both the  clergy and the ROCOR believers who joined the Moscow Patriarchate in 2007 are concerned about the further fate, financial and otherwise, of the metropolia/ROCOR/MP in connection with its difficult material situation.  After the 2007 union, the incomes in ROCOR/MP fell, while the expenses for the necessary repairs, administration, publications and the continuation of missionary activity, have been ... growing larger.  In addition, inflation is growing and the dollar's value is falling.  ROCOR/MP believers are worried by rumors that the Metropolitanate of the ROCA-MP, although it became part of the Moscow Patriarchate, financially no longer has, as it had in the past, the means to support its needs.  Also, the rumors about the 'transfer of funds' [sucking off of its monies]  from foreign financial institutions [i.e. from the 'foreign' ROCOR/MP] to the Russian Federation, are disturbing.  Many are interested learning,  who exactly is guilty of this situation?  It causes the ROCOR/MP  flock to distrust its clergy.

     Both priests and believers in the parishes have recently learned how and by whom financial savings were transferred to the Russian Federation, for what reason it happened, who made the decisions, and also they have learned that it is not yet possible to make use of for themselves, or return to them, the transferred  savings which have been sent to Russia.

     The amount of information publically available about what has been transferred to the Russian Federation is a 'different' story, but only a few members of the ROCOR/MP Synod and its treasurers, know for sure, how much ROCOR/MP had invested in the shares, which now are not as easy to implement/gain access to by them,  as it could have been done within  the US, where, in extreme cases, it is still possible to be returned/recover  the funds back, albeit with a partial financial loss.

     Having shares and using them as property/collateral, one can make loans from financial institutions, with a extra payment of additional interest.  Due to a lack of material resources in many places of the Foreign-Metropolia-ROCOR/MP, there were difficulties with the necessary restoration work and the normal ongoing required physical building-upkeep in monasteries, cathedrals and temples.  Also there are no financial resources for the preparation/training  of the clergy.  The foreign metropolis, the ROCOR/MP, is the smallest within/under  the Moscow Patriarchate; so now the Synod of the MP does not pay much attention to it or care about its problems.  It is not in the interests of the Kremlin's pro-communist authorities who are more eager to introduce their agents into other countries.... than to help 'foreigners'-ROCOR/MP to save their souls and to preserve their storage of their spiritual and cultural values of old pre-communist Historical Russia.  Against the spiritual and cultural values of the people, the Kremlin's ruling  government, since the 1917 revolution, has fought/struggled to take and to keep its power and monies.  And it will continue to do so, as long as there exists an ungodly communist government there, no matter what new relabeled official name it calls itself or its agents.

     Before the 2007 conclusion of the union of [part of] the old ROCOR with the MP, both the current neo-communist government and the patriarchate were interested in the ROCA, its museums and in the various organizations of 'foreigners'/Russians in diaspora, wishing to take from them, everything from them, the  Russians in the diaspora, and to put it all under their control.  The seduction of the clergy and of the influential people in Foreign Russia/the old pre-2007 ROCOR, was shrewdly planned by the communist rulers in a devilish manner.  In the Holy Trinity Monastery, at Jordanville New York, USA,  the implanted agents had begun to claim and to suggest that it would be good for those elderly ROCOR clergy in retirement, to have a haven near the monastery - best of all, built on the monastery's land 'beyond the far lake'.  There, to transfer from the road at the Jordanville monastery's guest-hotel, and at that location, to build there  a home for the elderly.  One should hire a gardener to spray/pollinate the apple trees, which have gone wild and do not produce as much fruit as before.  Across the road, then build a new building on the site of the now collapsing building - the dormitory of the seminarians.  In the monastery itself, make an extension to the chancery/'concellarium' and an added new vast storage area.  Similar plans for expanding church activities, for ROCOR/MP, were mentioned also in Australia.  In Germany, it was also suggested that there are needed improvements which should be made to the Munich Monastery, for the current training of the future ROCOR/MP clergy for all European countries.  And under 'The Synod' [the headquarters in New York city] itself, it would also be good to make necessary improvements.  To implement the plans discussed, large financial resources are needed, [it was warned] and as their source was indicated the possibility of placing/transferring ROCOR monies to the Russian Federation, where only in one month it would be possible to receive interest income from five to ten percent.  This would help, they said, in the restoration of the Russian Church and of the 'new not-Soviet' Russia, and extensive work was thus begun in the Abroad/ROCOR/MP.  The Kremlin rulers and the MP, under the guise of [i.e. taking advantage of] the  patriotic and missionary feelings, of Russians in diaspora, created a bridgehead among the Zarubezhye ('Old Emigration') of diaspora Russians, among Russian emigrants...  for the seizure/taking of their resources by Russia.  This goal of  the Kremlin and the MP was achieved.  And, after the seizure was accomplished,  interest in Russians overseas almost ceased.  What can the enslaved part of the Russian Orthodox Church offer to the rulers of the Kremlin and the MP?

     She - The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia – already gave away everything that she had, including her precious  canonicity that had been preserved in it so very carefully since the time of St. Patriarch Tikhon!

     Treacherously, the ROCOR/MP handed over to the pro-Soviet regime all her documentation and archives.

     Betrayed even as obedient slaves, according to the canons of the Church, were many old-ROCOR clerics who believed in/trusted  their spiritual leadership and their duty of obedience to higher episcopal authority, in their sincere devotion to the Holy Church.

     What can the ROCOR/MP Synod, headed by Metropolitan Hilarion-Kapral, and the ROCOR/MP believers living in Western Europe, America, or Australia, the Middle East and Asia, do now?

What can ROCOR-MP do now?

     The best thing for them, for the sake of themselves... is for them to return to the path of Truth to Christ and His Holy Apostolic Church, and for them to simply forget about the losses of their past material properties or wealth, considering such material losses... as if.... they were all 'a business loss',  and to start over.... the work that the Savior bequeathed: by declaring their independence from the Moscow Patriarchate and from the government of the Russian Federation, on the same grounds as the past noble ROCOR Metropolitans Anthony, Anastasy, Filaret and Vitaly had done  at the time of ROCOR's  First Hierarchs, before the pernicious union of 2007 was adopted.  The Lord will help them, as He has done before, to unite the believers and the entire faithful of the ROC-abroad around  ROCA, and it will forgive the shepherds tempted by material opportunities and who got lost in the affairs of this fallen evil world.  They should not listen to the deliberately-spread communist-propaganda rumors, about the inevitable collapse of the capitalist countries, as the deceased Vladimir Ilyich falsely prophesied, and now his faithful follower in his communist plans, Vladimir Vladimirovich, who two years ago in an interview stated that he, like 20 million others, was in the Communist Party and the KBG, himself being a convinced communist, and that he did not destroy his party membership card.  The party broke up, Putin said, but he loved the ideas of the CPSU [Soviet Socialist Union] and its code/scheme plan, for building peace [i.e. utopia].  So, as we see from this and other public confessions of the "leader" - he, [Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin]  as before, remains loyal and true to his communist ideas and to his faith in the triumph of communism throughout the world, and he does everything he can do possible, for this cause, including undermining faith in the governments of other countries which are not in the sphere/under the influence/domination of his Russian Federation.  Therefore, one can suspect that panic-creating rumors about the possible financial and political situation in Western countries, are not so deplorable [in reality] as they are described by some experts and correspondents who are exposed to such false disaster-influences and rumors.  The fact that he [Vladimir V. Putin] and the other Communists took a big part in the seduction of the ROCOR clergy into that 2007 union with the MP, is undoubted among the foreigners who know as well the truth regarding the real purposes for which this was accomplished, and what they [the current neo-communist rulers of Russia] wish to achieve in the future.  And since their work is directed against Christianity, the only way for believers is to rally around the Church of Christ to fight evil.

     As for other Orthodox believers who are anti-MP, [those in the various 'fragment' Russian diaspora 'fragments'...or those inside of the Russian Federation too] who will not join the MP,or wish to flee from it, they should not listen to any rumors, but rather pray to the Savior for the return to the ROCA of believers seduced by their spiritual leaders in 2005 and who continue to take care of/supervise their salvation.  Instead, move rather to the Church [ROCOR] which, although it is not so numerous in membership as compared to its composition previously, and which, according to the diabolical precept, as well as it was done before by the Kremlin, which has spread rumors about the cessation of its salvific activity. [i.e. The MP claims that only it is THE sole canonical Russian Church and thus it alone has grace/is salvific, while all those others, such as all ROCOR-'fragments' are schismatics and without grace and non-Orthodox.]  ROCOR throughout the world continues to spiritually nourish its flock, because believers know that the Church of Christ will be in this world until the end of the age, that is, before the arrival/Second Coming  of the Savior.  For true Orthodox, the possession of property and financial savings is not important, it does not matter to them whether the communist Kremlin will return material assets transferred under its orders and to its control, or in what condition the financial market will be in Russia and what will be the price of shares in New York or other world-wide stock exchanges.  It is important for believers to be in the True Church, in which they teach that which the Saviour taught, His Apostles and then the Saints in the Catacomb Church in the USSR and in Foreign Russia/ROCOR, since the time of St. Patriarch Tikhon.

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