After my death our beloved Church abroad will break three ways ... first the Greeks will leave us as they were never a part of us ...

then those who live for this world and its glory will go to Moscow ... what will remain will be those souls faithful to Christ and His Church. ~St. Philaret of NY


Vladyka Agafangel: observe ROCOR-MP further degeneration


ROCOR-MP speaks out in defense of thieves and perverts, which is the hierarchy of the UOC-MP — is this a concern for Orthodoxy?

Metropolitan Agafangel: “Protestants/Protestors- from ROCOR/MP”

Author: Metropolitan Agafangel. Publication date:March 25, 2023. Category: Author's column .


According to a report on the official website of the ROCOR MP, representatives of the Eastern American Diocese of the former ROCOR, and now under the MP, gathered at their meeting on March 23, for some reason, on behalf of US citizens:

….with: "America having been  "...founded 250 years ago on the principles of religious rights and freedoms.." exalted their voice in defense of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/UOC/MP, THE MOSCOW PATRIARCY’S UKRAINIAN subservient division, its archpastors, clergy, monastics and millions of parishioners who have been persecuted for many years by their government and "... vigorous protest against the actions of the Ukrainian government toward the canonical Church,..."   https://www.eadiocese.org/news_230323_2

“When they persecute you in one city, flee to another” (Matthew 10:23)

Unfortunately, even this letter shows how degenerated are those who left ROCOR in June of 2007, and were absorbed by the MP.  Firstly, is it blindness or hypocrisy to ignore the primary source of this conflict — the unleashing of a fratricidal bloody war of Russian President Putin and his spiritual inspirer for this massacre of the Orthodox people, Patriarch Kirill?  Unfortunately, I am sure that the latter, since the audience did not even have a thought to protest against their criminal actions, which, are in front of the eyes of the whole world.  Secondly, to speak out in defense of thieves and perverts, which is the hierarchy of the UOC-MP — is this a concern for Orthodoxy?

Of course, it is sincerely a pity that some ordinary believers, in this process are also being persecuted, but perhaps this is also to the final benefit of the Orthodox people of Ukraine? Perhaps, in this way, God calls from its ranks new, true spiritual leaders who, having rejected the remnants of the theomachic/God-fighting  Sovietism that has soaked through the MP/The Moscow Patriarchy and the UOC-MP/The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Of The Moscow Patriarchy, will revive the already almost forgotten patristic Orthodoxy on this historical Orthodox land? I really want to hope for this and pray for this today.

+ Metropolitan Agafangel

    March 25, 2023 ns

Russia's Rise in conservative Values

Story of MP Priest with 18 children

     —Russia will not allow their orphans to be adopted by any family from a county where homos are legal, and not by Americans.

     —Russia signed bill de-criminalize physical disciplines in families


part 1

part 2


Contrary to the Obvious



To the question of the ideological and political doctrine of the Russian Federation

Sergey Khazanov-Pashkovsky

The modern political lexicon, among other things, has the distinctive feature that many concepts and terms do not have a strictly defined meaning or are rather vague, while they can include different content. Nationalism, liberalism, democracy...

More than 85 years ago, a separate article by Ivan Solonevich was devoted to this issue, which was called “The Question of Terms.”  “Agreeing on terms,” wrote an outstanding Russian thinker, “is not at all so simple.  As you know, lawyers still cannot define the term "right" in any way – which, however, does not prevent them from studying this right and receiving appropriate fees.  It is not so easy to define the terms that are used in the emigre press: democracy, liberalism, nationalism, and so on. Everyone understands these terms more or less in their own way.  Often, these directions can be combined with each other to one degree or another, representing mixed political formations.

At the same time, communism, as a political doctrine, embodied primarily in the practice of the Soviet state, has quite clear forms and content that contrast sharply with all other political systems.

After the start of the military invasion of the territory of Ukraine during the announced Special Military Operation (SVO), in Ukrainian society – among officials, political and public figures, journalists and other respectable public, it became a habit to draw a direct analogy between the political regime of the Russian Federation and the German Reich as the leading state fascist type.  “Kremlin fascism,” “Russian fascism” – these common clichés are distributed in hundreds of videos, numerous publications, collages and cartoons.  Moreover, common accusations of fascism take place without any critical analysis and proper assessment.  At the same time, even with the most cursory glance at the current events, one can hardly agree with such statements, which conflict with obvious facts.

There is a test for the obviousness of what is happening, known as the duck test.  It implies that the essence of a phenomenon can be identified by typical external features.  The essence of the test is expressed by the following statement: if something looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is probably a duck.  The phrase “duck test” was first used in 1950 by the American diplomat Richard Patterson, explaining how, in his opinion, covert communists should be calculated: “It is often impossible to prove by judicial arguments that a certain person is a communist.  For such cases, I recommend a practical method – the duck test.

Even when in 2014 the political regime of the Russian Federation unleashed a hybrid war in the South-East of Ukraine under the guise of protecting the “Russian world” he and his local followers appealed exclusively to communist ideology.  The Soviet state was seen as a clear, example and role model.  Many factors testified to the orientation towards the Soviet past – from the choice of symbols and careful treatment of the monuments of the Bolshevik heritage to the organization of their own NKVD and SMERSH, by analogy with the Stalinist repressive bodies.  The newly formed Communist Party began to act as the only legal political force.

The same picture, even in brighter colors, is repeated now, when by the beginning of the so-called.  Several hundred red panels with a sickle and a hammer, topped with a Bolshevik star, were made by the SVO, which were supplied to motorized rifle and tank units of the RF Armed Forces.  Dozens of photographs have been circulated on the Internet, in which command tanks and infantry fighting vehicles invade Ukrainian territory under these same flags.  In each captured settlement, the new occupation authorities from the Russian side first of all began by returning the old Soviet toponymic names and restoring monuments to the Bolshevik leaders.  This was by no means a private initiative of individual officials, but a general practice, backed up by legislative acts.  Monuments to Lenin were restored in almost all major cities that were occupied by the RF Armed Forces.publications .

Therefore, it is no coincidence that among the main goals that were proclaimed when the NWO was announced, there was "denazification" – that is, the fight against nationalism and fascism.  Of course, the assertions of the Kremlin regime that power in Ukraine has been seized by the Nazis and fascists lie on the other side of common sense and do not need additional comments.  At the same time, it should be noted that Ukraine managed to overthrow the anti-national corrupt regime of Yanukovych and defend state sovereignty in 2014 thanks to the passionate forces that emerged from this very environment.  For them, fascism, if we say hic et nunc, first of all means intransigence towards the entire Soviet heritage and active opposition to its adherents.

In this regard, the case comes to mind, which the British writer and journalist Richard West noted in his diary, when in the late 50s he was in Sarajevo with a Dane. Having entered the tavern, they sat down with one Croat, and during the conversation they asked about his political convictions.  “Fascist,” their interlocutor replied.  “He is the one who is against communism.”  The Dane asked if the Fascists were organized.  "No, but when the hour comes, they will be ready."  For the sacrificial Ukrainian youth, this hour has already come.

It is also no secret that if ultra-rightists from almost all over the world flocked to Ukrainian volunteer formations, leftists of various persuasions joined the ranks of the DPR/LPR militias – Trotskyists, anarchists, Marxists of the most exotic accords, black activists and other fans of the International. As they say – know your own!

And even now, it is the combat units formed from among the nationalists and the ultra-right who are the most motivated fighters and bravely fight on difficult sectors of the front.

However, contrary to the obvious, contrary to logic and common sense, the political regime of the Russian Federation, which acts in Ukraine under the red communist banners, restores monuments to communist leaders and activists, returns communist toponyms everywhere, is called not communist or Soviet, but fascist!  Although absolutely all states of the fascist type and political parties and movements based on this ideological platform, including the Russian Fascist Movement, not imaginary, but genuine, which existed among the Russian political emigration in the 30-40s of the last century, saw their first enemy international communism, which has been identified as the main threat to any nation-state.

Similar accusations against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are also completely groundless. From the point of view of the relationship between officers and rank and file, methods of warfare, attitude towards the enemy, prisoners of war and the civilian population, they act quite in the spirit of the Red and Soviet armies. And if in terms of numbers, military training and combat equipment they are significantly inferior to the latter, then the Russian Federation, in terms of its economic and industrial potential, is a miserable reproduction of the USSR. But the ideological and political heritage and succession is obvious here.

Due to well-known historical events, the term "fascism" has long lost its original meaning as an ideological and political concept, which, in opposition to the old world of socialism, liberalism, democracy and, above all, international communism, proposed a new ideology of the nation state and national solidarity. Now “fascism” is a cliche, a bogeyman, which is used to give an exclusively negative characterization to this or that phenomenon.

It is sad that communism, Bolshevism and Soviet ideology still do not have such a negative connotation for the majority of the public. Over time, this will be corrected. To do this, right now it is necessary to give correct assessments and characteristics of political regimes and the actions they take.


Современный политический лексикон среди прочего имеет ту отличительную особенность, что многие понятия и термины не имеют строго определенного значения или достаточно размыты, при этом в них могут вкладывать различное содержание. Национализм, либерализм, демократизм...

Этому вопросу еще более 85-ти лет назад была посвящена отдельная статья Ивана Солоневича, которая так и называлась – «Вопрос о терминах». «Договориться о терминах, – писал выдающийся русский мыслитель, – вовсе не так просто. Как известно, юристы до сих пор никак не могут определить термин "право" - что, впрочем, не мешает им это право изучать и получать соответствующие гонорары. Не так легко и определить те термины, которые ходят в эмигрантской печати: демократия, либерализм, национализм и прочее в этом роде. Термины эти каждый понимает более или менее по-своему». Нередко данные направления могут в той или иной степени сочетаться друг с другом, представляя собой смешанные политические формации.

Вместе с этим, коммунизм, как политическая доктрина, воплотившаяся в первую очередь в практике Советского государства, имеет вполне четкие формы и содержание, которые резко контрастируют со всеми остальными политическими системами.

После начала военного вторжения на территорию Украины в ходе объявленной Специальной военной операции (СВО), в украинском обществе – среди чиновников, политических и общественных деятелей, журналистов и прочей достопочтенной публики вошло в привычку проводить прямую аналогию между политическим режимом РФ и Германским Рейхом как ведущим государством фашистского типа. «Кремлевский фашизм», «Российский фашизм» – эти расхожие штампы распространяются в сотнях видеосюжетах, многочисленных публикациях, коллажах и карикатурах. Причем расхожие обвинения в фашизме имеют место без какого-либо критического анализа и должной оценки. Вместе с тем, даже при самом беглом взгляде на происходящие события, едва ли можно согласиться с подобными утверждениями, которые вступают в противоречие с очевидными фактами.

Существует тест на очевидность происходящего, известный как утиный тест. Он подразумевает, что сущность какого-либо явления можно идентифицировать по типичным внешним признакам. Суть теста выражается следующим утверждением: если нечто выглядит как утка, плавает как утка и крякает как утка, то это, вероятно, и есть утка. Словосочетание «утиный тест» впервые произнёс в 1950 году американский дипломат Ричард Паттерсон, объясняя, как по его мнению, следует вычислять скрытых коммунистов: «Часто невозможно доказать судебными аргументами, что некий человек — коммунист. Для таких случаев я рекомендую практический метод — утиный тест».

Еще когда в 2014 году политический режим РФ развязал на Юго-Востоке Украины гибридную войну под прикрытием защиты «русского мира», он и его местные последователи апеллировали исключительно к коммунистической идеологии. Советское государство рассматривалось как наглядный пример и образец для подражания. Об ориентации на советское прошлое свидетельствовали многие факторы – от выбора символики и бережного обращения к памятникам большевистского наследия до организации собственных НКВД и СМЕРШа по аналогии со сталинскими репрессивными органами. В качестве единственно легальной политической силы стала действовать вновь образованная Коммунистическая партия.

Та же картина, еще в более ярких красках, повторяется и сейчас, когда к началу т.н. СВО было изготовлено несколько сотен красных полотнищ с серпом и молотом, увенчанных большевистской звездой, которыми были снабжены мотострелковые и танковые подразделения ВС РФ. В сети Интернет разошлись десятки фотографий, на которых командирские танки и БМП вторгаются на Украинскую территорию под этими самыми флагами. В каждом захваченном населенном пункте, новые оккупационные власти со стороны РФ в первую очередь начинали с того, что возвращали старые советские топонимические названия и восстанавливали памятники большевистским вождям. Эта была отнюдь не частная инициатива отдельных должностных лиц, а общая практика, подкрепленная законодательными актами. Памятники Ленину были восстановлены практически во всех крупных городах, которые были заняты ВС РФ. Желающие ознакомиться с деталями во всех подробностях могут это сделать, обратившись к специально посвященной этому публикации.

Поэтому не случайно среди основных целей, которые были провозглашены при объявлении СВО, была «денацификация» – то есть борьба против национализма и фашизма. Конечно, утверждения Кремлевского режима о том, что власть на Украине захвачена нацистами и фашистами лежат по ту сторону здравого смысла и в дополнительных комментариях не нуждаются. Вместе с тем следует отметить, что свергнуть антинациональный коррупционный режим Януковича и отстоять государственный суверенитет в 2014 году Украине в значительной степени удалось благодаря тем пассионарным силам, которые вышли именно из этой среды. Для них фашизм, если говорить hic et nunc, в первую очередь означает непримиримость ко всему советскому наследию и активное противостояние его адептам.

В этой связи на память приходит случай, который британский писатель и журналист Ричард Уэст отметил в своем дневнике, когда в конце 50-х годов был в Сараево с одним датчанином. Зайдя в харчевню, они подсели к одному хорвату, и в ходе беседы поинтересовались его политическими убеждениями. «Фашист, – ответил их собеседник. – Это тот, кто против коммунизма». Датчанин спросил, организованы ли фашисты. «Нет, но когда наступит час, они будут готовы». Для жертвенной украинской молодежи этот час уже наступил.

Не секрет также, что если в добровольческие украинские формирования стекались ультраправые практически со всего мира, то в ряды ополчений ДНР/ЛНР вступали левые разных толков – троцкисты, анархисты, марксисты самых экзотических согласий, чернокожие активисты и прочие поклонники Интернационала. Как говорится – своя своих познаша!

Да и сейчас именно боевые подразделения, сформированные из числа националистов и ультраправых, являются наиболее мотивированными бойцами и отважно сражаются на тяжелых участках фронта.

Однако, вопреки очевидному, вопреки логике и здравому смыслу, политический режим РФ, который выступает на Украине под красными коммунистическими знаменами, восстанавливает памятники коммунистическим вождям и активистам, повсеместно возвращает коммунистические топонимы, именуют не коммунистическим или советским, а фашистским! Хотя абсолютно все государства фашистского типа и политические партии и движения, основанные на этой идеологической платформе, включая и Российское Фашистское Движение, не мнимое, а подлинное, которое существовало среди русской политической эмиграции в 30-40-е годы прошлого века, первым своим врагом видели интернациональный коммунизм, который был определен в качестве главной угрозы для любого национального государства.

Также совершенно беспочвенны аналогичные обвинения и по адресу Вооруженных сил РФ. С точки зрения взаимоотношения офицерского и рядового состава, методов ведения боевых действий, отношения к противнику, военнопленным и гражданскому населению они действуют вполне в духе Красной и Советской армий. И если в отношении численности, военной подготовки и боевого оснащения значительно уступают последним, так ведь и РФ по своему экономическому и промышленному потенциалу является жалким воспроизведением СССР. Но идейно-политическое наследие и правопреемство здесь очевидно.

В силу известных исторических событий термин «фашизм» давно потерял свой первоначальный смысл как идейно-политическая концепция, которая в противостоянии со старым миром социализма, либерализма, демократии и прежде всего интернационального коммунизма предложила новую идеологию национального государства и национальной солидарности. Сейчас «фашизм» – это клише, жупел, который используют для придания исключительно негативной характеристики тому или иному явлению.

Печально, что для большинства общественности коммунизм, большевизм и советская идеология такой отрицательной коннотации до сих пор не имеют. Со временем это будет исправлено. Для этого уже сейчас следует давать правильные оценки и характеристики политическим режимам и действиям, которые они предпринимают.



Arizona School Board Ousts Christian Student Teachers

   Students at Arizona Christian University denied teaching opportunities because of their beliefs.


USA source for online ivermectin no prescription required, reasonable price


most of what they offer is like Viagra, but these are the exceptions

 Azee = macrolide antibiotic

 Azipro = macrolide antibiotic

 Doxycycline = internal infection, eye infection

 Cipmox = amoxycillim

 Pain o Soma = addictive

 Waklert 50 pill contains ‘Armodafinil,’ = narcolepsy 

RC Abp. Viganò: Reject Soros, Schwab, and Gates, 'We Need an Anti-Globalist Alliance'


Remembering our Mothers and Fathers gone before us

Memory Eternal, Helen Kontzevitch †1989

Hello Joanna,


Today is the repose of Helen Kontzevitch, a transmitter of True Orthodoxy to our generation. May we take her example in our modern age of delusion and pseudo Orthodoxy!

Love in Christ,


World Orthodoxy: it's worse than we thought...

"Excellent exposé.found on Rumble.  It was on YT but they took it down."

The Secret Subversion of American Orthodoxy  1 hour,  unbearable background music


Nik Jovcic-Sas, Orthodox Gay man seeks exorcism cure. He finds corruption within the corruption.  

       caution: F-word  at 6:03

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emnXuz0uXR8  10 miutes,  irritating background music


Book: Blessed John Wonderworker

BOOK:  Blessed John Wonderworker (1987) pdf

   Yesterday I went shopping online for a copy of this book.  I want to send a copy of this book to a potential convert, hoping to introduce her to the reality of Orthodoxy.   I thought it would be easy to find a used copy, but guess what?  There are only 2 copies available on Amazon, one is $1,500 and the other is $2,355.

   This folder was uploaded today to Joanna's Shared Library.  Eventually I'd like to have a single-paged pdf, but for now this is better than nothing. 


Before Thy Cross



Triodion pdf

Triodion complete

includes weekdays through Holy Saturday


a correspondent shares this tidbit about St. John

Did you know that St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco was from Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine?  The monastery near his family's estate is MP but Putin's forces bombed it last year.  Holy Dormition Monastery. Three monks were killed. 

Dunlop's book, Exodus: St. John Maximovitch Leads his Flock out of Shanghai

p. 17 Chapter 1 

    The future archbishop of Shanghai, China was born on June 4, 1896, in the village of Adamovka, Kharkov province, in the southern region of what was then the Russian Empire.  Today [2017], this village, known as Adamivka, is situated in the Slavyansk District of Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, an area that was severely damaged by heavy fighting during 2014-2015. [When Putin successfully invaded the Crimea.] 

Headlines related to Antichrist's Coming One World Government

The nations struggle to maintain self-rule, and the Antichrist spirit makes headway, gaining power, moving towards the One World Power.  Our contemporary Church Fathers have named the W.H.O. and the U.N. as tools of the Antichrist spirit.  It is clear to me that the Antichrist has completely taken over the Democratic Party.

2/28/23 Republican Senators Push Back Against Accord Giving WHO Power Over US Pandemic Response


2/18/23 Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies  2/18/23


6/21/22 Biden: "We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s gonna be another pandemic.”


3 years ago 

June 2020   Trump Not Reconsidering Decision to End Relationship With World Health Organization


3 years ago 

July 2020   US Files Notice to Officially Withdraw From World Health Organization


5 years ago

March 2018   World Health Organization Warns Next Epidemic Disease Could Be Unknown—or Man-Made


Advice on Marriage for Today

genuine patristic material is always contemporary


Fr. Gregory Williams <frgregory@sjkp.org>

Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 3:31 PM

Blessings!  This fell upon my desktop ... I commend it to your attention, whether you or a new or old bride, or husband, or none of the above.  Note how "contemporary" it seems -- one of the hallmarks of genuine patristic material.  

† † †

St. Gregory the Theologian's Advice to a New Bride

My daughter,

For your wedding, I, your spiritual father Gregory, offer you this poem as a gift. And I consider it to be the best possible advice a father could offer to his beloved daughter.

Listen to me Olympiatha: I know that you desire to be a true Christian. As such, be aware that a true Christian must not only be one but she must also appear accordingly. This is why I ask you to pay special attention towards your personal appearance. You must be simple! Gold, attached to precious stones, does not add any value to women of your stature. This is even more so with make-up. It is very improper for you to alter your face, which represents an image of God, for the sole purpose of attraction and admiration by others. Know that this constitutes vanity that is unbecoming of a young lady of your character. I therefore ask that you overcome the feminine vanity that is abundant among young ladies of our time and remain simple in your appearance. The expensive and fancy dresses must remain for those women that have no desire for the life beyond and do not know what the meaning of spiritual struggle and attainment of virtues is all about; this type of woman cannot possibly comprehend the spiritual radiance and brilliance of a life in Christ. You have aimed towards greater goals and for a higher purpose for your life. These goals demands your full and undivided attentiveness and care.

First of all, you must respect and love God and immediately after Him you must respect and love your husband in the same manner as our Lord and Savior and in accordance with the instructions of our Holy Gospel. I thus ask you, how is it possible for a woman to love her husband in this manner if she has not met, has not respected and has not loved Her Lord and Creator in this same manner?

In your marriage, fondness, affection and love must be strong and persistent for him whom God has selected to be your life partner. This man is now the eye of your life and the delight of your heart. And if you ever perceive that your husband possibly loves you more than you love him, do not take advantage of his feeling by attempting to gain the upper had in your marriage. That is plainly wrong as it is totally against the writings of the Holy Gospel!

You must respect him and love him unconditionally, as you love God. Be aware that you are a woman and you have an important and great purpose and destiny; however, your purpose and destiny is different than that of your husband who must be the head of your household. Set aside the silliness of equality among the sexes, that some of your contemporaries preach, and attempt to comprehend the obligations of marriage. In the realization of these obligations you will discover the great patience and endurance that is necessary to fulfill your family duties; it is in this manner that you will also discover the great strength that you as a woman possess.

You must surely be aware of how easily anger overtakes men. They cannot maintain and they often appear as wild lions. It is at this exact moment that a woman must remain stronger and display her superiority. You must play the role of the lion-tamer. What does a lion-tamer do when the beast starts roaring? He becomes even calmer than usual and through kindness and persistence he overcomes his wrath. He speaks to him kindly, in a soft but firm voice, he caresses it, he attends to it, he pets it and little by little calmness is restored.

You must never criticize, scold or become derogatory towards your husband for something that he has erred. Likewise, you must avoid any contempt towards any inaction or indecision by your husband, even when the outcome is not favorable or something that you greatly desire or consider proper. Be aware that demons are always around attempting to penetrate your household, and break up the couple’s harmonious spiritual cohabitation.

You must share everything, joys and sorrows alike. The Holy Sacrament of Marriage has indeed made all common to both of you. This is equally important towards the daily obligations and duties as they apply to running the household; it is the only way that a strong foundation will be built for your marriage. Let both of you provide your views and opinions; in the end, however, allow your husband to have the final say.

When you observe your husband to be sorrowful, share in his sorrow and provide him the needed relief; the support of the person closest to you in moments of sorrow and despair is of great value and relief. Immediately, however, let your facial expressions become calm, clear and collected; let peace prevail upon your demeanor and forego the temptation of any thoughts of despair. The wife is the calm harbor for the sea wave-stricken husband.

Your presence within your home is irreplaceable; you must accordingly love your home with all the cares and concern of a dedicated housekeeper. You must view it and consider it as your kingdom and you should be judicious about how often you exit its entrance. Let your husband take care of many of the outside cares and obligations while you concentrate towards those within the home.

Be extremely careful with whom you associate and the company that you keep. Be especially careful of the social gatherings that you may be participating in. Do not allow yourself to enter entertainment centers of questionable background; these represent extreme danger towards your purity and the sanctity of your marriage. These types of social interactions remove the instinct of shame, eyes cross with eyes, and once shame is not there to guard from any impropriety, the demons are able to exercise their influence and give rise to evils of unspeakable magnitude.

On the other hand, social interactions with friends of substance and of firmly grounded spiritual state must be pursued. In this manner, words of value get implanted within you and you either benefit from them or are able to confront and resolve any weaknesses that you may recognize. Concurrently, you are able to cultivate social interests and get to know people who will benefit your household’s spiritual state.

Do not be anxious to keep company or even appear in public and in the company of others for no reason. You should instead dedicate your precious time in the company of your wiser and more prudent relatives, priests, and seriously-minded people, young and old alike.

Stay away from conceited and ostentatious women whose mind is pre-occupied with external appearances and social circles, all for the purpose of vainglory and public display. This should be the same for any men that you consider respectful and spiritual but whom your husband has not allowed to enter your home, irrespective of how highly you may regard them. For is there anything more precious for you than your good husband whom you love so dearly?

Your thoughts must aim high but you must never behave as intolerable or snobbish.

I applaud women that are known by only a few men. Do not run towards worldly feasts and celebrations, even when those are for weddings or birthdays. It is around those types of gatherings that the passions of the flesh are aroused with the many dances, the drinking, the laughter and the false joys that are capable of deceiving and misleading even the pure and the wise. Always remember that purity is extremely fragile—it is like bee wax exposed to the rays of the sun. It would be prudent to limit and at times avoid the worldly feasts, even within the confines of your own home. If we were capable of controlling the desires and many appetites of the stomach we would be well served in our struggles against the many passions of our flesh; we would be in a position to conquer them instead of being subdued by them.

Keep your face calm and collected and do not alter it with extreme laughter or with grimaces of dismay, anger or disappointment towards others. Your ears should be decorated not with pearls but instead with the sounds of proper language and with locks for all the improprieties that may enter your nous through them. Thus, whether they are open or closed your sense of hearing will remain pure.

As far as your eyes, they are the ones that display the contents of your soul. Let them be the source of blush and virgin purity that pours below your eye lashes. This way, your presence and eyesight will invoke modesty, decency and the shame of innocence to all that lay their eyes upon you, perhaps even your husband! It is best and for many reasons that you keep your eyes closed or indifferent to the events around you and you should make it a habit to always maintain your sight low.

And now for your tongue. Your husband will always be your enemy for as long as your tongue is uncontrolled, even if you are to be blessed with thousands of other talents. A foolish tongue often endangers even the most innocent of people. It is preferred to maintain quiet, even in cases that you are correct. This is because you risk the expression of an unintended improper word or characterization. No matter how greatly you desire to say a lot, it is best that you limit your words and instead choose your presence to be a quiet one.

Be attentive even of the manner that you walk; it matters greatly towards a prudent presence.

And now pay close attention and be mindful of the following advice: You must never exemplify or maintain an uncontrollable desire for the flesh. Persuade your husband to respect the holy days of the Church and the fasting periods. This is because God’s laws are of much greater importance than the image of God. Be mindful that the institution of marriage was established by the Son of God to aid His creation so that a balance is maintained, as some depart this world while others arrive.

If you have benefited from this old man through some spiritual words of value I ask that you keep these words and advice guarded well within the depths of your soul. In this manner, through everything that you have benefitted and through the grace of your moral stature, you will be capable of healing your excellent husband and well known politician from the evils of vainglory and pride that constantly surround him.

This is my gift and heirloom that I offer to you. And if you desire my blessing, I pray that you become a vineyard of descendants, with many children, and many children from these children, so that our God may be glorified by more of us, for it is for Him that we are born and to Him that we should aim our earthly paths.

Your spiritual father,


Patriarch of Constantinople

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